Must Have Supplies That Every Crafter Needs

Last updated on June 13th, 2019
Must Have Supplies Every Crafter Needs
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In the world of crafting, buying and storing supplies is just as important as using them. In today’s post we’ve gathered 12 amazing must-have crafting supplies that every crafter needs.


Throughout your crafting journey glue will quickly become your best friend. Take it from us – glue is essential in making everything.

Among the many varieties of glue out there, the most essential of them is clear dry crafting glue. This glue dries clear so that no one will even see that it’s there.

Other types of great glues include glitter glue, super strength glue, stick glue, fabric glue and more.

Scissors/Pen Blade/X Acto Knife

It is handy to have several types of sharp scissors specifically reserved for your crafting.

Alongside your ordinary paper cutting scissors you may also need a fabric scissor if you plan on using fabrics (which at one you probably will). Pen blades and Acto Knives make for great cutting tools too.

Make sure that everyone in the house knows what each scissor is for and tell them if you want to keep them separate from the rest of the household stationary.

Crafting paper

Crafting paper is an affordable staple on every crafters supply list.

It’s common to see crafters hosting a rainbow of crafting paper colors which can vary in transparency, size, texture and more.

Crafting paper includes scrapbook paper, tissue paper, cardstock, and more. You can buy crafting paper from just about any craft store or via amazon below.

Glue Gun

No, this is not the same as having glue.

Glue guns deserve an entirely separate number because having one in your house can make a ton of difference compared to having ordinary glue. Having a mini hot glue gun in your home will allow you to expand your crafting horizons by taking on different materials and projects.

For example, when making something with pieces of wood you’ll need a hot glue gun to make sure they properly stick together.

Single/double hole puncher

Hole punchers may seem like things of the past, but there is a reason why their structure has remained unchanged for so long.

The device is simply perfect as it is.

Not only do hole punchers come handy in crafts, you may also need them for adding that extra finishing touch to a school project.

Paint brushes

Having paint brushes of all shapes and sizes in your supply list will let you prepare for any crafting situation. These brushes are not just applicable for paints no: you can also use brushes to apply glue and pastes as well. They’re also useful in blotting out mistakes. Make sure your set of brushes matches the type of paint you want to use. For example, there is a separate set of brushes specifically reserved for just watercolors.

Fabric, thread, yarn and a sewing machine

At one point in your crafting journey you will definitely find yourself wanting to use fabrics.

Stock up on all sorts of crafting fabrics in a range of colors, patterns, designs and textures. As well as buying crafting fabric in plain cotton colors, keep an out for pretty bed sheets, table cloths and other fabric which you can also cut up and use on your crafts. The other options can prove to be cheaper than crafting fabric itself. A small sewing machine and thread are also staples if you plan on using fabric in your crafts often.

A small sewing machine and thread are also staples if you plan on using fabric in your crafts often.

Keeping yarn among your supplies will allow you to venture into knitting. Knit a scarf or simply use them to wrap your gifts in.

Ribbon and tape

An entire section of a craft store is honestly dedicated to the storage of ribbons. You can buy them in a gazillion different colors, patterns and length. From wrapping up presents to lining a page of your scrapbook, there really is no end to their uses.

Many crafters love to use tapes in their work. Especially in things like scrapbooking, tapes are an essential thing to have. You can get crafting tapes in a variety of different colors. Tapes can be double sided too – these are perfect for attaching embellishments on your work. Moreover, there are also washi tapes which are designed with beautiful patterns on the body to add that extra bit of flair to your crafts.

Paper towels

Mess is inevitable while crafting; there simply is no way around it. Always keep a roll of paper towels nearby to mop up any spills that occur.

Pens, pencils and markers

It goes without saying that a good number of quality pens and markers are essential items in every crafters closet. Keep pencils at hand of a variety of sizes (for example 6B pencils provide a thicker and bolder line than 2B ones), make sure that you have gel pens, fabric pens, felt tip pens, colored pens, thick and thin markers and simply everything in between. A crafter can never have enough of this stationery. Never.

A storage system

Be it a shoe box or a three layered system with dozens of compartments, you will need to figure out a way to store your crafting supplies. Organization is key to being a good crafter; when creativity strikes you don’t want to spend the day running around looking for each and every supply do you? Moreover, a system will also prevent things getting lost.


Last but, definitely not the last we have the embellishments – tiny little knick knacks you’d want to keep just in case you need them for an upcoming craft. These can include sequins, stickers, acrylic pieces and more.

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