Cozy DIY Outdoor Cabana Lounge!

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Got a Got a beautiful garden that’s ideal for spending downtime but don’t have the furniture to complement it? Perhaps this outdoor cabana lounge would be a perfect fit!

This little DIY backyard lounge is especially perfect for those who love going to the beach since the structure resembles a cabana/palapa.

Measuring 8 ft long, the deck fits a queen size mattress and even allows for a small walking space in front.

Each side has a narrow counter top so you can place your mugs, books and items that you want to be within your reach while relaxing on it.

The awning fabric cover can be removed easily since it’s simply secured in place by the weight of the conduit pipes inserted at both ends.

Source: Unwind in your backyard with a cozy DIY outdoor cabana lounge! | DIY projects for everyone!

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