28 Mind Blowing Gardening Secrets To Save You Time & Money

 As beautiful and enjoyable as a thriving, luscious garden is, it can also be an expensive and time-consuming hobby. However, there are a number of gardening hacks you can employ which mean you won’t need to spend hours every day planting, tilling, watering and weeding. Your bank balance won’t suffer either!


Here are 28 hacks to save you both money and time without compromising on the beauty.

1. Equipment Bucket Getting organized is one of the first things you should do when you’re looking to save time! This cuts down on the minutes – and sometimes hours – spent in search of a particular gardening item.One way to stay organized is to keep all of your smaller equipment – from trowels to twine – together in a tastefully decorated tool bucket like this one! As it’s easily portable, it will also save you trudging back and forth to the garden shed while tending to your plants.

2. Garden Tool Holder Larger tools like brushes, rakes, shovels and spades can be kept organized and safe in this simple garden tool holder made from reclaimed wooden pallets.

3. Self-Cleaning & Self-Sharpening Tool Bucket Instead of doing a major cleaning of your gardening tools every few months, why not keep them clean and maintained on a regular basis…and with zero effort? This easy DIY self-cleaning and self-sharpening tool bucket does the work for you.

4. Two-in-One Gardening Tool Keep your gardening as simple as possible and double the functionality of your rake by converting it into a measuring stick. Simply mark different measurements directly onto your gardening tool – as described here.

5. Five-in-One Gardening Tool This brilliant hack takes the two-in-one tool to the next level and means you can cut right down on the amount of tools you need to clean, store and cart around! It’s ideal for those with a relatively small garden as it can be used to rake, hoe, drive stakes, furrow and dig small planting holes.



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