28+ Incredible Gardening Secrets

Last updated on June 13th, 2019
gardening secrets

Be it beginner or pro, gardening is just one of those things that give pleasure to all. That is why, in today’s post we’ve accumulated some of the best kept and useful gardening secrets to ramp up your gardening game.

Prepare to have your mind blown.

1. Prevent fungus:

After planting seeds in fresh soil, sprinkle the tops of them with a bit of powdered cinnamon. This stops fungus from building up that can cause damping.

2. Rooting Cuttings

If you want to root any plant or cutting in water, it’s a great hack to add two pills of crushed aspirin to the container of water beforehand. This helps the plant grow roots.

3. The Plastic Cup Hack

When growing tiny seedlings you can cover the tops with a clear plastic cup. This lets light in, locks in moisture, and prevents buffeting from wind or cold weather.

4. When growing Azaleas


Do not throw away tea bags, ground tea, or coffee ground. Instead, plop them into the soil of your azalea plants and watch as they bloom beautiful, healthy flowers.

5. Grow your own herbs


Growing herbs like basil and mint in tiny pots on your windowsill will give you joy you never knew you needed. With good soil, compost, regular light and water, these herbs will grow quickly and greatly improve the taste of food.

6. For tomato plants


By tying tomato plants to thin wooden stakes, you can give them support to not be buffeted by the wind. This way they’ll produce a lot more fruit.

7. Vegetable stock

vegetables being cooked

The water left over from boiling vegetables is great food for plants. Once the vegetable stock is cool, pour it over your containers and be amazed at how well the plants react to it.

8. Make compost

Dry left over fruit and vegetable peelings and grind them fine. Sprinkle the mixture on to soil to provide your plant essential nutrients to grow.

9. The garden thrives on the soil


The better the quality of your soil, the better will be your garden. Invest in a soil testing kit (and learn how to use it from YouTube) and know what your soil needs to improve its quality.

10. Newspapers improve compost

Adding shredded newspapers to your compost bin helps the soil retain moisture and keeps the compost healthy.

11. The Easy Plants


Just started out? Try your hand at growing tomatoes, peppers, potatoes or cucumbers. There are all great beginner plants to help you get started.

12. Plant Wisely

A secret many gardeners realize later on is that there’s no point in planting something you or the family won’t even like. Plant the good stuff – you’ll enjoy it too.

13. Vinegar kills weeds


Spraying vinegar is a great way to kill off weeds growing among grass or between cement tiles. Be careful however, since vinegar can kill off your plants too.

14. For ginormous pumpkins


If you’re looking to grow huge pumpkins, make sure to cut off all but one or two pumpkins per plant. Give them plenty of water and nutrients to grow.

15. Dry banana skins


When planting dry banana skins to the base of your tomato plant (beneath the soil), you can stimulate rapid growth of the fruits.

16. Seedlings and Gelatin

For seedlings growing outdoors, sprinkle a little powdered gelatin on to the soil with the seeds. Gelatin encourages growth of good bacteria to provide nitrogen to the seedlings for growth.

17. Keep a plant journal


Record the needs of every plant in your garden into the journal. What fertilizers they need, amount of sunlight, how much to water, everything can be included in the journal.

18. When planting cucumbers


Looking for a huge bounty of cucumbers? Plant them near a trellis to let the vines grow vibrantly and bring you lots of delicious fruit.

19. Maintain the distance

At the back of seed packets there’s a recommendation on how close to each other you should plant them. Follow the guidelines, or the plants won’t produce well.

20. Marigolds as pest repellants

The beautiful marigold flowers have a solid reputation for keeping pests away. Plant them near tomato and cabbage plants and see the beauties thrive.

21. Slug problem?

Take small portions of beer in saucers and put them around your plant containers. The slugs/snails will fall in and drown, leaving your plants unharmed.

22. Care for equipment

gardening tools

Before putting away your gardening tools for the coming winter, coat them in heavy layers of car wax. This will effectively keep the rust away.

23. Sweet tomatoes!


Tomatoes are such an amazing plant to grow. If you’re looking to harvest a sweeter breed, put two table spoons of baking soda into the soil before putting in the plant.

24. Chamomile Tea

glass of tea

Spraying chamomile tea twice a day on to your precious seedlings can effectively prevent fungus growth.

25. Buy seeds!

A great time to buy seeds is during the winter and early spring season. Head off online and order as many packets as you want.

26. Know before you plant

Every plant has different requirements and ideal conditions needed to grow. Converse with your local gardening center to understand what type of plants will grow best in your area and begin from there.

27. Looking for an early harvest?

Vegetable plants like radishes, beans, squash and cucumbers can all be harvested early.

28. Herbtastic

When growing herbs like basil, you can cut off about a third of the top of the plant whenever it tries to bloom. This encourages renewed growth and more leaves.

29. There is no right time

Many potential gardeners always put off the activity by thinking “now’s not the right time”. Here’s the biggest kept secret of them all: there is no right time. Start today. It will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.

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