12 Awesome Herbs You Can Grow In Water

Last updated on June 13th, 2019

Growing herbs is something that both beginner gardeners and seasoned ones thoroughly enjoy doing. Not only are herb plants really easy to grow, they also add amazing flavor to your recipes and save you the money needed in buying from a store. Herbs can be grown indoors in water with just water and light. For those of you living in tiny apartments, but are nursing the urge to garden, it is the perfect solution. In today’s post, we’ve put together the 12 best herbs you can grow in water today!

  1. Basil

    In love with pesto sauce? We are too! Basil proudly claims number one spot in this list because of its versatile uses in cooking. When mature, pull the grown leaves from the plant and ground them into a paste along with a little olive oil, salt, garlic, parmesan, nuts and pepper to taste. Basil plants love a warm kitchen that has plenty of light. Make sure to take their cuttings before the plant starts flowering. Once you start making homemade pesto sauce from scratch there really is no going back.

  2. Mint

    The fresh smell of mint has the power to cure even the stalest of breaths. Not only that, but the plants are also resilient to extreme weather conditions. Even in deep winter, your mint plants will thrive indoors. Add in mint leaves to a salad, use them as a garnish, or use a few fresh leaves to make the perfect cocktail to unwind at home after a long, hard day.

  3. Thyme

    If you’re fond of Italian cooking then the thyme herbs will soon become your best friend. They can be put into pasta, soups, stews, lasagna and basically any odd dish you’re looking to spruce up. Plant them along your windowsill and breathe in the smell to feel your body relax from herb therapy. Make sure to plant thyme cuttings quickly since their thin stems are prone to drying out. The growing stems should be cut regularly to encourage branching.

  4. Sage

    The smell of burning sage has been known to provide peace and tranquility to many users. Add in some sage to your morning omelet and bask in the heavenly flavor it brings! Soft sage cuttings can be taken in the spring; make sure they’re kept in a place with plenty of air and light to prevent mildew.

  5. Oregano

    There are very indeed few things that oregano can’t be put into. From savory pasta sauces, to chicken marinade, and oregano dipping sauce, the herb is used in a wide range of dips, sauces and marinades because of its amazing flavor. This makes it one of the most useful herbs to have in your kitchen windowsill so that you can add it in anytime while cooking.

  6. Rosemary

    At the end of a long, tiring day adding a few drops of rosemary oil to your bathwater will create a heavenly feeling of relaxation. Your muscles will gently start to loosen and your senses will relax in the pleasant fragrance. The oil extracted from your rosemary herbs can also be put into pizza dough for a rich flavor, and even be added to pasta. Rosemary is perfect for a sunny spot in your apartment. Fresh cuttings planted during spring take a little less time to grow roots than normal.

  7. Lemon Balm

    Lemon Balm is a well-loved herb in every household. The fragrant leaves are a great addition to soups and teas. When planting lemon balm, take cuttings in the spring or fall and keep the water container in a warm place subject to sufficient bright light. You’ll need to allow 3 to 4 weeks for the cuttings to take root.

  8. Tarragon

    The popular herb is used when cooking savory dishes like chicken, fish, lamb, etc. Tarragon has a licorice-like flavor and is often used in French cooking to give a true gourmet experience. Fresh cuttings are usually taken in the spring but, they can be taken in the fall too. Russian tarragon is blander than the French one and is often used as a salad herb.

  9. Stevia

    Stevia leaves are commonly added to tea and herbal supplements to sweeten the taste; dry leaves can also be ground finely and mixed with water into Stevia syrup. Plant freshly growing cuttings in water and put the container in a warm, bright place to keep their sweetness alive.

  10. Spearmint

    A close neighbor of peppermint, spearmint also provides a fresh, minty, aquatic taste when added to herbal team and balms. It is also known as water mint. Similar to peppermint, the herb also provides a sudden cooling sensation when placed on the tongue due to the presence of abundant amounts of menthol. Spearmint is relatively easy to plant: plop the cuttings into water and simply watch them grow (in a few days time).

  11. Cilantro

    Now who doesn’t love Cilantro?! This herb is needed to garnish almost every curry dish in Asia. The tangy scent of cilantro is the perfect balance to the spices used in the dish. Fresh cuttings of cilantro placed in water will begin to take root swiftly. Make sure to harvest the leaves before they flower, because they will lose their beautiful scent upon flowering.

  12. Chives

    Garlic and onions provide a strong flavor to a dish; chives are also members of the onion family, but their power is milder and lighter in comparison. Place the chive cuttings in plenty of water and make sure they are exposed to sufficient sunlight for growth. Snipping the tips of the herb once a week will allow more branches and leaves to grow.

Herb planting is such an enjoyable and rewarding activity that it should honestly be encouraged in every household. Once you start, you’ll never stop. Try your hand at gardening with one of our herbs listed in today’s article: you may be pleasantly surprised at the results.

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