20 Ways to Re-purpose Old Doors

Last updated on June 13th, 2019

Got an old door laying around? Perhaps you could recycle that door using one of the awesome 20+ ways we’ve linked to below.

Antique Door Sofa Table or Entryway Table

This simple project is great for any beginner in wood working. All you need is a door and table legs of your choice and install the legs onto the door. This easy-to-do project can be done on a low budget and most projects can be completed for less than $30.00 When the table is done, you have a unique piece of furniture for your entryway or for behind your sofa.

DIY Door Headboard!

Create a great looking headboard with an old door. This simple project only requires a few simple steps to create rustic headboard. Attach legs to your door, add trim and even a shelf on the top if you like. You will have an elegant headboard in your bedroom highlighting your bed. You don’t need store bought expensive headboards to create something elegant.

While this DIY door bookshelf requires a little more labor, there is no reason not even a beginner can do it. Start off by cutting your door in half or whichever depth you want for your sides. Install the shelving system you would like and paint. Now you can enjoy your favorite books right from your very own custom bookshelf.

Porch Swing Door Old
Making a porch swing out of a door is simple! You can create a totally flat swing or one with a back; it all depends on what style you want. Just cut the door to your size if you don’t want it flat and use the remaining door piece to create your back. Use chain or rope to hang your repurposed swing and you are set to enjoy the outdoors right from your own porch swing.

For those extra wide doorways or a custom built in that you want a sliding door for, you should look for horse stall doors. These make a great accent piece to any room and can cover a lot of space. Hanging the track would be the hardest part but once that is done; this door will add character to any room.

Arbor made with old doors
Two doors are required for this cool arbor! They can be the same or different style doors; it is entirely up to what you want. Just grab a few 2×10’s or 2×12’s, notch them out, and put them across the two doors at your desired width. A simple DIY project that can be done in one day. Decorate with flowers or vines.

Make a Hall Tree How to
A perfect piece of furniture to organize clutter in your hallway. You can make this DIY hall tree with all repurposed items including the lower cabinet or you can purchase a new cabinet. Either way, this project is beginner to intermediate based depending on your prior skill level. Accent the hall tree how you want and this will be the focus of attention when entering your home.

Old Doors Rock My World: A Unique Outdoor Table

We mentioned about an indoor antique door table so why not make an outdoor picnic table? Enjoy the outdoors with a meal on a simple table made from a door. Just install legs that suit your style and you have a simple but useful table on your patio. Just add family or friends.

Strip them & go for the natural, worn, slightest bit of paint left over
One of the most simple and easiest projects in this list of 20, just strip or sand the door down leaving a just little bit of the paint on it. This will give an old and rustic feel to any door in your house, whether it is being used as a door or some of the other ideas on this helpful list.

Repurposed Door Table
Like the picnic table, you can make an elegant dining room with an old door and legs that you simply attach to the bottom. Again, you can use the legs of your choice and don’t be afraid to be creative and make this a unique and elegant table for everyone to enjoy their meals on.

Old French Door Repurposed as DIY Coat Rack
Have you ever thought of using a door sideways? Yes, that is right; doors can be quite useful sitting sideways too! This project requires you to add shelving and hanging the door sideways to make a hallway coat rack. If you get a door with windows, you can make a picture collage as well. Add a shelf to the top of the door to use for storage or home decor. Another great beginner project costing under $20.00.

Cutest table EVER!!- Old Door turned a coffee table
Make a designer coffee table with an old door. A simple beginner project that only needs a few hours to assemble! Depending on the size of the table you plan to build, you may need two doors. Excellent for holding magazines, drinks, or family game night, add flare to your family or living room.

Repurposed Door Porch Swing
Porch and patio swings are very popular and here we are using one or two doors depending on the size you want the seat. A back may need a second door, but if not, just hang with rope or chain. Add some side arm rests and you will be sitting comfortably.

How to Repurpose an Old Door into a Bed Frame

Create this unique bed frame headboard from an old door. This easy project will cost under $25.00 for you to create. Hang a support on the wall, add decorative shelving to the top and you are done. You can either leave it look rustic or give it a new coat of paint.

Re-purposed Door Swing
Make a comfortable, cheap, and easy recycled door swing. Enjoy the outdoors by swinging on a custom made porch or patio swing. A few ropes, arm rests and a back and you will be swinging in style and enjoying the outdoors.

Door Coffee Table Reclaimed

A unique addition to any family or living room, this door coffee table is built for storage and utilization. Use this coffee table for snacks, games, magazines and more in your house and enjoy the compliments you will get from your friends and family when they see this great looking table.

Repurposed Door
Use a door as a chalk board to write notes, grocery lists and more on it. Build a simple shelf or install some hooks and make it a coat and shoe rack as well. The options are limited with this easy project for beginners in DIY to create. Add a little nostalgia to your home.

This entry bench can be made out of a door, add small drawer system or shelves to it with your choice of hooks and your clutter will now be organized and neatly stored away. Repaint the door or leave it as is and add charm to your entryway. In one day, your project will be completed and you can be proud of your DIY skills.

Sliding barn doors
Sliding barn doors are a great way to add country charm to a home or to use in an area where you need a door but a swinging door just is not feasible. These doors will work almost anywhere in a home. You can even add storage and use the door to slide open and closed across a closet or pantry!


Split a door in half, attach the middle of the doors together and you have a corner door. Add a few triangular or rounded shelves and you now have a functional corner shelf for any room! Add some photos or other home decor to complete the shelf. Any DIYer can complete this project in less than two full days.


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    Oooh! I like all the ideas. Where do you find these old doors?

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      Sometimes you can find them on Craigslist. I wish I had a whole barn full 🙂

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      Habitat for Humanity Restore in most cities have tons of doors.

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