22 DIY Christmas Ornaments

Last updated on June 13th, 2019

Here is a must save list of some fairly easy 22 Christmas ornaments to make. There is a project for everyone on here to get ready for the holiday season.

Check out these DIY Christmas Ornaments:


A good friend of mine made a scrap ribbon tree for me. I love it and will treasure it for a long time to come. It is taller and she put it on a stand for me. Every Christmas, it sits among my growing tree collection. 🙂

Beaded Christmas Tree, Wire Tree, Christmas Tree Ornament 

This beaded Christmas ornament was for sale on Etsy. I added it to our website for inspiration to others in the DIY field. You can use beads that you have left over from another project or use beads you purposely bought for this project. If you prefer, you could purchase from the Etsy shop through the link provided below.

Button and Yarn Snowman

This cute button craft is fun and easy to do with the kids! Make some ornaments for your own tree of family and friends. Just use those old buttons you have laying around and some scrap string and you are ready to go. No messy glue required which makes cleanup a breeze.


Much like the button snowman above, this may be a bit simpler as you don’t need to find all white and black buttons. This tree can be made with a wide assortment of colors. Stack the buttons big to small and create a tree without any glue. Another simple craft for under $5.00 you and the kids can create.

Christmas bauble makeover

Give those plain ornaments some interesting makeovers by gluing paper to them. Whether it is your newspaper or favorite book, add a new style to your ornaments. You can even use comics to add a bit of whimsy to your tree.

Christmas Ornaments – Yarn Star

This craft requires a little more skill but still easy to be done with some yarn, glue, Styrofoam and tooth picks. Use one color or multiple colors of yarn to create unique ornaments each time. They turn out great when they dry. Perfect for gifts, your own tree or to hang anywhere you wish!

Cool DIY Snowman Christmas Ornament To Make With Your Kid

Collecting the bottle caps would be the hardest part of this craft but once you have enough caps, you can create a really cute snowman. Even the kids will enjoy doing this craft but they will need to be careful using the hot glue gun. Just glue the caps together, paint as you wish and decorate with scarves. Hang these on your tree or a hook around your home to display your DIY skills.

Easy Christmas Ornaments with cookie cutters

Here is a different idea on how to use cookie cutters! Take your ordinary cookie cutter and wrap it with your favorite Christmas ribbon or material and you have made an ingenious new ornament for your tree! This is such a simple transformation that I would have never thought about until seeing this so I am passing it along to everyone else.

Etched Snowflake Ornaments in Birch

Here is a cool idea to do with a wood burning tool. Take some birch trees and cut them into small ¼ inch thick discs. Take a wood burning tool and add some snowflake designs to each disc. It is ok if they don’t all come out exact as no two snowflakes are alike. Don’t stop with snowflakes, you can do any design you want and don’t forget to drill a hole at the tope and hang string through it to hang.

Rustic Twig Christmas Tree Ornaments

Make some rustic twig Christmas tree ornaments by gathering some small twigs from the woods. Break them at different lengths and glue them to a piece of cardboard, Styrofoam or poster board. Use string, ornament hooks or a pipe cleaner to hang.

Designer Painted Ornaments from Plain Bulbs

If you are skilled at painting or just want your kids to do some hand-painted ornaments for grandma then this is the craft you have been looking for! Choose glass or shatterproof ornaments and get some paints and start painting. You can even use some ribbon to accent the ball. Other ornament shapes are able to be used as well so just use your imagination.

Handprint tree Ornaments

This is a perfect gift to give to grandma and the rest of the family! Have your children dip their hand in paint and put them on the ornament to make a personalized ornament to cherish for life. The kids will have fun because they will get messy in this project. Choose whether you want to leave the ornament out all year as well.

Heirloom Kids Ornaments

Have your children make an ornament with you by molding their hand or foot in model magic. This is a great idea for not only your own house but a great gift-giving idea for family. Choose to paint it or leave it natural but this is a simple gift that the kids can have fun helping make with you. Add some ribbon to dress up the ornament.

Hot Chocolate Ornaments

Make a delicious cup of hot chocolate; for your tree that is. This intermediate craft can be done in little time with just a few materials. A plastic mug, white pomp oms, cereal box and brown paint are the main materials and you just paint the materials and glue in place. Check out the link for more details on how to make this unique ornament.

Snowmen Ornaments

Snowmen are very popular during the Christmas season and we will show you how to make some snowmen head ornaments. You have the option of plastic or glass balls and just paint them how you like. If you wish to add a body, you can add two more balls to the bottom and make a complete snowman but that option is up to you. They turn out cute when finished and I think you will enjoy them.

Recycled K-Cup Snowman Hat Ornaments

Everyone likes the idea to recycle as much as they can and this craft you can do just that. We know K-cups are very popular now but don’t throw them out. If you want, you can turn them upside down and glue on a thin cardboard like a cereal box bottom and paint it black. Decorate the hats as you wish but don’t forget to put holes and string in the top before gluing the base onto them.

Molded birdseed ornaments

Besides the normal bird-feeders we all have made in school with a pinecone, peanut butter and birdseed, try out this idea. The birds will enjoy these just as much as the pinecones but these will last longer. This is a solid birdseed ornament that you bake in the oven, put a piece of string through the top and hang them on the tree. You can cut the shapes out with ordinary cookie cutters too!


Who else remembers making cinnamon ornaments as a kid. Makes the house smell like Christmas. If you are one of the many people that enjoy the smell of cinnamon then you are in luck with this ornament idea. Just mix together some ingredients including cinnamon and then bake with the instructions included in the link. If you wish to make them sparkle, you can add some glitter and then just hang on your tree or anywhere in your home for that fresh cinnamon scent all season long.

Hot Chocolate Ornament

Here is a great gift idea for anyone. Add some hot chocolate to a plastic Christmas ornament and add marshmallows if you wish and give it as a gift. These make awesome gifts for friends, coworkers, kids or family. You can even use these as party favors at your Christmas party and they are simple to make.

Dog Print DIY Ornaments

Don’t forget your pets at Christmas time! They like Christmas just as much as the humans. Here you can make a great keepsake of your pets paw print. There are kits sold in stores, especially pet stores or you can do it the way we mentioned above with the child’s prints and some model magic. Decorate as you prefer and hang on your tree.

DIY Snowglobe Ornaments

If you like the snowglobes for your shelves you will love making these snowglobes for your tree. These are a bit tricky to make but with some patience you can create a beautiful snowglobe without the need for any water. No water makes it leak proof and you can design anything you want that will fit in the globe (ornament) you are working with.

Photo Ornaments

If you want to truly create personalized ornaments, then you can use your own pictures and create ornaments on wood slices. Trim wood slices down to about ¼ inch thickness and then glue your picture onto the space and put some string on it. If you do not wish to use wood, there are many other options you can use such as foam board and craft popsicle sticks.

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