Fall Ideas to Save

Last updated on June 13th, 2019

When the trees start changing colors some of the best DIY projects are ready for crafting. Check out these DIY fall crafts.

Real Leaf Project {Fall Craft}
Create a large leaf out of a bunch of fall leaves with this idea. A perfect wall piece for that Thanksgiving dinner that is sure to be a conversation piece. This low-cost DIY only takes an hour or so to make and you can use real or artificial leaves.

Leaf Craft Idea

Another leaf project but not as time consuming is using some scrap lumber and glue some of your favorite leaves to it. Then wrap your project with aluminum foil and you have an elegant looking piece of artwork. There are more options you can do such as paint this as well if you wish.

Pumpkin Spice Playdough

Here is one the kids will enjoy, make some scented play dough with pumpkin spice. This quick and sweet smelling crafty idea is a perfect way to get your kids involved in crafts and it only takes a few minutes to create. Make some today and enjoy a fresh-smelling house.

Fall Decor

This beautiful floral arrangement idea is simple and easy to create by visiting your local florist or craft store. Pick out your favorite flowers and give that canning jar a fresh look with this idea! This will make a perfect centerpiece for your table.

Candy corn button art

Finally a way to get rid of those unused buttons we have been collecting. Make a piece of candy corn by sewing or gluing buttons to create a large candy corn wall art or table décor. A 3D look is created by layering buttons on top of each other and this craft will likely take a few hours but looks cool when done.


Artificial fall leaves and a wreath from of your choice will create an inexpensive and decorative wreath to enjoy on your front door. For under $25.00 you will have a one-of-a-kind wreath that will look vibrant and beautiful the whole fall season.

Making Your Own Pine Cone Wreaths

Take a wire wreath frame and wrap pine cones to this wreath with floral wire. Paint some of the pine cones to enhance the fall foliage that occurs most places in the USA if you wish. This low-cost craft will look great no matter where you place it in your home.

Burlap Bubble Wreath Tutorial {EASY!}

This cute puffy burlap wreath is easy to make with a little patience. With less than $15.00 invested and only about 20 minutes time you can have this simple wreath for any door. Dress the wreath up with ribbon or a small floral arrangement to give it some color.

Pumpkin Button Art

Three dimensional pieces always present depth to a room and that is no different with this pumpkin button art. Sew some orange buttons on a piece of old fabric to create this craft. If sewing isn’t your thing you could just glue the buttons on to any background to save time and you will still get the 3D look you are wanting.

Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece

An intermediate DIY project here, create a long narrow box to put flowers, moss and anything else you wish to use and make a table runner centerpiece for that Thanksgiving dinner with the family. Depending on your skills, you can even create the wooden box yourself or just purchase one from a local craft store.

Autumn Leaf Bowls

Get a bunch of fall leaves and stick them on the outside of a bowl of your choice by using Modge Podge. When the leaves are dry, you can remove the bowl and the leaves will form a non-water tight bowl. The bowl will be great for candy or some other small item you need a bowl for around the house.

DIY Cinnamon Candle

Give your candle a makeover with this quick craft. Put your tall candle in the center of a hurricane glass candle holder and add some cinnamon sticks to the bottom of the hurricane glass. If you want a more detailed look you could also hot glue the cinnamon sticks standing up around the inside of the candle holder too.

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