22 Clear Glass Christmas Ornament Ideas

Last updated on June 13th, 2019

These are 22 of the best Christmas Ornament Ideas to fill those clear glass ornaments. Most are super simple and still so beautiful. They would make great gifts or use for an ornament exchange.

Handmade Handprint Ornaments

A cute ornament idea to do with your kids is the hand print ornament. Your kids will enjoy sticking their hand in messy paint and placing it on the ornament. Write the date on the ornament and decorate it however you would like. Perfect for not only your tree but friends and family too!

Quick and easy Christmas ornament project

This clear ball ornament is simple to do. Just take some dried or artificial flowers of your choice and put them in the ball. This is a quick and easy customized look for your tree. You can do a whole tree’s worth of ornaments in less than an hour.


Add sparkle to your tree with a clear ornament filled with glitter. The monogram of your initials on the ornament will also add even more of a personal touch. Choose your favorite glitter and get started today. The way the light hits the glitter will make your room sparkle.

A truly simple and elegant, nature-inspired ornament

Fill an ornament with a bunch of natural products to give a natural look to any tree or part of your home. We have seen stuff from twigs, pine cones, grasses, and pine tree branches. Use your imagination to make up these woodsy-looking ornaments.


This is an interesting ornament we found where they use dandelion seeds to fill the clear ornaments. It gives a little bit of elegance and it is very easy to make. If you live where dandelions are around, then you can create this ornament as well, and the dandelions are free!

15 minute ornament idea for the little Christmas tree picks

Here we find a bunch of fake berries put into the ornament to make a sweet looking ornament. You can choose if you want to put holly or leaves in with the berries as well to customize it even more. Do what you think looks right for your personal taste

Christmas Ornament Exchange

This is the perfect type of ornament for a gift exchange. Take the clear ornament and fill it with some fake snow or glitter, block letters making a name and berries or greenery. You can add personal touches to it such as ribbon.

Hot Cocoa Mix Ornaments!

Add some warmth to a cold winter night with this ornament. Add hot chocolate mix, marshmallows and even peppermint and give it out as a gift to friends or family. The new owner can reuse the ornament after they use the hot chocolate. The gift that keeps on giving!

DIY Photo Ornaments

Photos make great memories so why not make a fun ornament with some of your best moments captured by the camera. Perfect for you or friends, put the picture inside the ornament and decorate the ornament as you wish. Every Christmas you will remember that special day!

Kiddos :: DIY Ornaments

Calling all kids! Make these ornaments especially with your kids. Cut up strips of paper or old magazines, stick the pieces in Elmer’s glue and then stick in the ornament. The end result is a wacky interior design that the kids will enjoy making and hanging on the tree.

Five Minute Christmassy Crafts

There are many ways to create a custom Christmas ornament in 5 minutes by filling it. From putting a single branch into an ornament to adding pom poms or glitter, you can do all of these within 5 minutes and you will likely have fun doing it as well.

Santa’s Belly Ornaments

Create a simple Santa belly by using red paper, glitter or ribbon inside the ornament. After that, paint a black strip on the ornament and add a buckle. Simple and very cute for everyone to enjoy on your tree or just hung on hooks around the house. You can use a plastic or glass ornament and get the same look.

Seashell & Sand Ornament

If you are a beach lover or know a beach lover, why not make an ornament with some beach sand and hand-picked shells and other beach wash-ups. It looks great and adding the sand will mean every move you make will reveal something new inside the ornament.

Simple Candy Ornament

Kids and adults both like candy at Christmas time so why not make a custom ornament with candy filled inside of it? Kids can even help make these ornaments to give to their friends. Perfect for a gift exchange and its cost to make is reasonable.

Let it Snow Ornament

Fill this ornament with white glitter, or faux snow to make a cute and simple “Let it snow” ornament. If you love snow you will love to make these ornaments. Of course this is an easy project and only takes a few minutes to make each ornament. Decorate with ribbon if you want to personalize it more.

Snowman Ornament

Fill a clear ball up with Styrofoam pellets, glitter, or faux snow to make this cute snowman head. The hardest part is to paint a face on him or you can choose to use the foam shapes to make it much simpler so kids can make their own creations as well

Simple Filled and Painted Ornaments Tutorial

Try adding some paint to the inside of the ornaments and moving the ornament around to make a cool looking and scratch-proof painted ornament. Add colors and swirl over each other or even a clear coat. When you use the clear coat you can pour in your favorite objects and make them stick to the inside to make an even cooler design.

Yarn & Rope Bubbles

Another rustic design is to add bailing twine or thin ropes to an ornament. The same thing can be created with some spare yarn as well. Decide what way you want to go and just wind the rope or yarn up inside of the ball. Doesn’t matter if it overlaps or not, it just creates a cool layered look.

How to make glitter Christmas ornaments | DIY

Add in Pledge floor care and swirl it around the glass ball. For some reason this does not work as well with plastic ornaments. Remove the excess floor care and add your glitter in. Swirl or shake the ornament to get the glitter to stick. Options to add stickers or paint to the exterior to further personalize the ornament is up to you.

Wedding Memory Capsule Christmas Ornament

Create memories of your wedding by using the ideas from this wedding capsule. Choose to add pictures or flowers or something else from your wedding and make a loving wedding memory. If you can sneak some wedding items from a recent wedding you could make an excellent gift for the newlyweds!

Gift Bow Christmas Ornament

Stick a Christmas bow or two inside and ornament and call the ornament done. A simple and cheap way to create an elegant looking ornament with any bow you may choose. What will you choose? Your imagination is the only limit.

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