Fall Decorating Ideas Collection

Last updated on June 13th, 2019

Check out these fun fall decorating ideas!

Pine Cone Owl

Turn a simple pine cone into a woodsy owl with this craft idea. This simple craft is easy and fun for the kids to do and they will enjoy doing it as well. With a few things pulled from the yard and some hot glue, you can create this cute little creature.

DIY Fall Leaf Votives

Calling all fall foliage lovers, this is a great opportunity for you to create a fun craft! Turn those ordinary votive candle holders into something unique and colorful. Just glue some colorful leaves to the side of the candle holder and put the candle in and light it up.

DIY Creative Candles

Much like the votive candle holders but this craft can be used on candle holder or mason jars to create your own colorful candles with fall foliage leaves. Just a little glue and any other accents you want to add and you have a unique candle holder.


Take some leaves and your favorite pages from an old book and add some colorful pop to any room. You get to reuse old stuff but make something unique. By keeping books out of the landfill, you are essentially going “green”.

Leafy Centerpiece Pumpkin

If you are looking for a simple way to carve your holiday pumpkin, try this idea. Take some fall foliage leaves and just glue them on the pumpkin. It creates wild geometric shapes, adds color and it is simple to do.

DIY fall centerpiece

By getting a bowl, adding a candle holder and holder with some pine cones, acorns or even some leaves, you can create a beautiful centerpiece for your table. Have your family talking over this centerpiece when you get together for Thanksgiving dinner.


Get your glitter and glue ready to make this fun craft. The kids will enjoy helping with this one as well. Make some sparkling garland to hang around your house and invite those holiday guests in. A simple craft that will cost under $10.00.

$6 Decorating At The Dollar Tree

Save your budget for those holiday gifts and decorate with elegance right from the local dollar store. There are many crafty ideas you and the kids can do for just a few dollars. Your house will feel homey and fall-like indoors and out with these ideas.


Buy a straw wreath and add some dried wheat and burlap. This beautiful wreath turns out great in under an hours’ time and for less than the store-bought ready ones. Save your pennies for another rainy day and enjoy this craft with the kids.


Cheap and easy is this next craft, take a bunch of acorns and dip them in some glue. Next add your favorite glitter and you are done! Just add them to wherever you want around the house to create some decorative charm.


If you enjoy wreath making then this link will not let you down. There are 50 ideas to all types of fall wreaths. You can make them for yourself, family, and friends or guide you on ideas to make for your crafting business! Enjoy the variety in this helpful link.

Rustic Fall Centerpiece

With a few basic jars around the house and a few hours work you can create a rustic fall centerpiece for any table. Add some elegance to your tables and accent your other fall décor around your house. Costing under $25.00 you will enjoy the final outcome and you can design it however you want by adding or removing some parts of the project.

Watercolor Paper Leaf & Branch Mobile

Add some colorful leaves to your wall with this branch mobile. Easy to hang with the stick and remove Command strip hooks you can accent any wall with this simple craft. All you need is some paper, string, a branch and water color paints.

Whimsical Autumn Leaves Windcatcher

Decorate the outside of your home with this wind catcher made out of faux leaves. This will blow in the slightest of winds and look beautiful hanging from the porch. Go on and get out there and decorate with this simple craft for the outdoors. We recommend taking it down for strong windstorms though.


Make a coffee filter pumpkin with those filters you have around the house. It will take a little time to make this craft but it will be cheaper than buying the fake pumpkins at the store. This craft will last a few years so don’t think it will last for just one season.

Which one is your favorite?

If you end up using any of these let me know in the comments below!

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