20+ Amazing DIY Fire Pit Ideas

Last updated on June 13th, 2019

Here are 20+ great ideas for your first DIY fire pit:

How to Build a Patio Firepit

This first project is easy and quick, and super budget friendly! For $125 and only 30 minutes, this is time saving, money saving, and looks great to boot! This easy build only has a few supplies, being the fire pit bowl and some retaining wall blocks. The best part, you ask? It’s customizable to your preference and budget! They use 3 layers of blocks, but you can adjust the block usage up or down to fit your preferences!

DIY Project: How to Build a Back Yard Fire Pit (It’s Easy!)

This next project is still super easy, and super versatile! It does require a little more work, and a few more materials, but it’s still super easy and budget friendly too! This project is great if you don’t want a patio fire pit, or if you want to put it anywhere on your lawn. It even has some great safety reminders! All you need is non flammable building equipment of your choice, rocks or pebbles for the bottom, and the rest is all up to you! You can make it as big or small as you want, and as budget friendly as you can! Super quick, super easy, and totally budget friendly!

DIY Backyard Mosaic Fire Pit

The DIY Backyard Mosaic Fire Pit Project is one of the coolest out there! It requires a little more work, and a little more time, but it’s beautiful! It’s still an easy project, and anyone can do it! They used pavers under the pit instead of a layer of pebbles, and they grouted this one together for more stability. The best part is the beautiful mosaic across the top!!! It’s a completely unique part of every fire pit created from this project, and entirely customizable to every DIY followers preferences!

DIY Fire Pit With Custom Cap Stone

This next project is a little more complicated, requiring some power tools and a bit more experience, but is still fairly easy to accomplish with its step by step process. This particular fire pit DIY is a “man-pit”, but anyone with the know-how or google capabilities can build this! All while still being completely customizable and easy to follow.

It’s the Pits

This fire pit is Beautiful!!! It takes a little bit more work than the first two projects shown here, but basically follows the same steps. They used outdoor adhesive to ensure the blocks were stable, instead of grout, and used some really nice cap stone rocks to top it off. This easy Step-By-Step fire pit is great for anyone wanting an outdoor fire pit that’s aesthetically pleasing.

Easy DIY Inexpensive Firepit for Backyard Fun

This next Fire Pit Project is super inexpensive, and super easy to do! All it requires is some retention wall blocks, a chisel (the DIY explains it all), and some time! You can still adjust this to your preferences, like height and width, and you can play around with the colors of the blocks. This DIY is super cheap, easy, and when you finish, its fun to use!!! It even links for great tips on a Fire Pit Party!

$50 fire pit using concrete tree rings

This super neat and super easy DIY fire pit is convenient and super budget friendly. At the lowest cost (depending on how fancy you want to make it) it costs right around $50. its small, easy to build, and easy to tear down and move if you so wanted. It’s incredibly unique in design, using cement tree rings, and even gives you changeable options for how you want your fire to burn using a Weber portable grill.

How to Build a Fire Pit

This next DIY project is super cool! It’s a little more difficult than some of the other projects shown here, but still pretty easy to do! It requires a little more work than some of the others, since it requires building a level trench. This project is customizable in size, and appearance, which is a plus! It is a little bit more costly than some of the others, but it all depends on your choice of building materials.

How to Build a Stone Fire Ring

This DIY fire ring even includes a flagstone sitting area around the pit! It’s a little more costly, but its super pretty when completed. This easy to do yourself project is the most unique of them all, with the fire pit being completely customizable and the customizable sitting area.

How to Make a Concrete Fire Feature

This next DIY Fire feature is both unique and beautiful. Some concrete, Stones, and a fire pit bowl do the trick in making a beautiful fire pit that’s completely unique. This project is fairly easy, but takes a little bit of extra time.

Repurpose an Old Washer Drum Into A New Fire Pit for $10

This fire pit project is one for the books! It’s completely unique, super DIY savvy, and EXTREMELY affordable. The only real step you have to follow is removing all the plastic, everything else is optional! super cheap, super easy, super affordable!

Step-by-Step Build your own Fire Pit

This next project how-to is by far the easiest, and one of the cheapest. All you need is a few bricks and some landscaping stone. The rest is just some time and a little bit of work. Super cute, super unique, and super fun to do with your little ones!

The Fire Pit

This fire pit is a cute and memorable activity for the whole household! It even has a cute touch with handprints! This project is super easy, and if done in a whole day would be super quick too!

Tractor Wheel Fire Pit

This fire pit idea is super crafty, and super cool. The use of sand and crushed gravel between the wheel and the stone even helps keeps the stone cool!

DIY Backyard Fire Pit: Fire Pit Weekend Revealed!

This DIY fire pit is super easy, and fairly inexpensive, depending on materials and if you buy chairs. Its super fun when you get the kiddos involved, and fairly quick. It took this family just one weekend yo complete the build!

Building a Backyard Fire Pit

This next project is super easy to follow and extremely customizable. It breaks down all of the steps and explains them carefully, and the finished project is beautiful! This is by far one of my favorite projects so far, with how easy to follow it is, and how sturdy it is.

DIY Backyard Fire Pit

This DIY fire pit uses lava rocks, large flat rocks around the edge, and dirt to make a neat backyard fire pit.

The One Hour Fire Pit

This fire pit is so cool! It’s super easy, and as this particular DIY explains, it took an hour!

How to Build a Fire Pit for Only $60

This next post is by far the easiest one. It requires very little work, and its extremely affordable! At $60 for materials and no digging up sod involved, its easy on the wallet and easy on work!

DIY Fire Pit Using Cement Blocks

I like this DIY project a lot. For one thing, this one is square. When searching for DIY fire pits, you tend to find a lot of circular ones. And I am really digging how clean this one looks. And it’s still a great deal on pricing!

How to Make a Personal Fire Pit for Cheap

This last DIY is gorgeous, and it can be moved around! It’s made from a metal planter box, some glass, and rocks. Its not wood fire, but its super pretty, super affordable, and completely unique! Totally something I would do, and it can be used inside too!

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