20 Great Crate Projects

Last updated on June 13th, 2019

I love the different Crate Projects popping up. They are becoming more and more popular these days. I don’t know if it’s the rustic look or inexpensive projects. Maybe a combination of both. Either way, here are 20 of my favorites.

$15 Rustic Nightstand

For only $15.00 you can make this rustic nightstand. Where else can you spend only $15.00 for a unique night stand? The options are endless for what you want to put inside the sideways laying wooden crates.

Craft Crate Built-in Shelving

While this shelving system will cost a few hundred dollars and intermediate wood working skills, you will be able to make a large shelving system. It will still be cheaper than buying a large shelving system or making a custom shelving system.

A variation of this coffee table always seems to pop up when searching for Crate Projects. It’s a very popular one. A friend of mine made one herself. It turned out very cute. I wish I had a picture of it to share. I’ll have to take one next time I visit her.

Crate Coffee Table

Tack four crates together and make a custom and storage-filled coffee table. Shelves can be installed or not depending on what you intend to store. You can also put a flower type centerpiece on the inner square. If you want it to easily move, you can even add casters to the bottom.

Crate Coffee Table

You can create coffee tables easily with four crates and stain them to match the wooden furniture you already have in your home. There are plenty of other options like shelves, water features, plants, and casters.

Crate Desk

Stack two crates on each side and put a wooden or metal top on them to make a simple home office or student work station desk. The crates offer plenty of under-desk storage too! Storage is something we all need and this project is perfect for beginners.

Side Table Crates

Stack some crates to make some side tables. Whether you want to use two or three crates is up to you but this will add a rustic feel to any living or family room. Add shelves to the crates if you wish and accent however you would like.

Crate Storage Coffee Table and Stools

Create a large coffee table where you can store two or four crates underneath on slides. You can create matching crate benches to have a matching furniture set throughout your room. The benches will also add extra storage so if you are looking for storage and functionality this is for you.

Buffet Crate Table

Stack some crates on top of each other and side to side. Get a piece of wood, metal or granite and you have yourself a custom buffet that will help you serve at your next party or family gathering. This is a simple project that even the beginner can build!

DIY Crate Bench

If you bolt two or three crates together side by side and make a simple frame base with legs, and add a smooth top, you will have a storage-filled bench. This would be perfect to store shoes in and you can sit on it to put your shoes on and off. All you need is a coat rack in the same area.

DIY Crate Pet Bed

Oh, my goodness!! I love love this doggie bed made from a crate 🙂

If you have a small pet, then consider making them a custom pet bed with a crate. Add your own pillow and padding and your pet will stay comfortable any time they want to go lay in their own bed. Perfect for cats and small dogs.

DIY Décor: How to Customize a Wooden Storage Crate

Here are a few ways on how to customize your wooden crates. From paints to stains or handles this covers a bunch of ideas. You can even try stenciling, wood burning or adding casters to your crates to customize them even more.

Pallet Coffee Table with Wine Crate Sides

Create a pallet and wooden crate coffee table with this idea. All you need to do is attach a few crates to a pallet and you have a rustic looking coffee table. This is an intermediate project based on the modifications you will need to do to the pallet.

Pallet Wood Crate from Annie’s Images

Enjoy this custom made crate made all by you out of a pallet. This can be made for free or a very low cost and solve a storage problem. You can add casters and rope or other style handles to help customize it to your liking.

Bed with Crates

Who wouldn’t love a bed with under bed storage built right into it? This advanced DIY project will take a few days to build and create a bunch of otherwise wasted space into storage space. There are a variety of options you can build into this so the limit is your imagination.

Storage Ottoman DIY

This is very similar to the four-crate coffee tables except this has a cushion on the top. The cushion can be used for your feet or sitting and you can put it on wheels to easily wheel it from room to room. It adds a bunch of storage for books or other items.

Upcycling wooden crates – home office ideas

Try these functional home office ideas with wooden crates. Save the landfill space and upcycle with some of these great tips. Adding storage to any home office is essential and you won’t be disappointed by these simple ideas.

Crate Shelves

Stack as many shelves as you want together and you will be able to make your own stylish and rustic shelving. Try your skills at this simple idea and stain or paint them however you like. This is a nice way to gain a large amount of storage without taking too much space out of your room.

How to Make an Ottoman – Vintage Milk Crate Turned into Unique Ottoman!

One crate is all you need for this ottoman. This is not as large as the other ottoman so it is perfect for apartments or smaller homes. It is also simple to design and make within a few hours’ time.

Wall of Crates

Like the other shelving system, this wall of crates is built bigger to add even more storage space. You can also add these all the way up to the ceiling if you wish. Try stacking different sizes to make different size shelves as well.

Crate Kitchen Island

Make this essential kitchen island out of wooden crates and some other lumber. This will save you hundreds of dollars but gain you storage and a nice works space on top for any kitchen. If you wish to add casters, this will make it easy to pull in and out of high traffic areas.

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    I am trying to find plans for the bed with crates please

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    Tryin to find instructions on crate bed,I’d love to make for my son.

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    wow this post has really given me more inspiration on how to make good use of some old crates lol. Looks very simple to put together and i have to get to the workshop to start mine asap. Thanks for the inspiration. You can check out my blog on MaPaddy.com

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    Crates can do wonders. It’s simple but stylish as a home decor. Thanks for sharing this!

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