20 Must Save Gardening Tips

Last updated on June 13th, 2019

These are 20 clever must save gardening tips & hacks to use in the garden. Every gardener needs help and tips sometimes, so here’s a few good tips, tricks, and easy DIY projects that will help you keep your garden growing.

Something I’ve always enjoyed growing, but always struggle with, this page is full of super helpful information. And submerging pots for root depth watering is a genius idea I wish I had thought of.

How to Grow Superb Summer Squash

Check out this great guide on how to grow summer squash. It’ll walk you through everything you need to know to get started!

Diapers Retain Moisture

This is an extremely interesting read, and so unique! I would never have thought of putting a diaper in my hanging plants to keep in moisture.

Keep Plants Watered for Days with Nothing But Paper Towels

This is such a great idea for watering your indoor plants when you’re not home! Paper towels are so versatile!!!

Line All the Pots with Coffee Filters

This next idea is by far my favorite. It keeps the dirt in, while still allowing for drainage. No more dirt all over my patio!

Make Eggshell Seedling Pots to Sprout Your Garden for Less

I have so much love for this tip, especially for beans and tomatoes. The eggshells decompose and help to fertilize the plants as they grow. They are super rich in calcium. It’s such a great idea!!!!

Toilet Paper Roll Biodegradable Pots

This is a super smart and super savvy idea. Its biodegradable, and keeps you from having to buy peat pots every time you start new seedlings. It’s super easy, and you also recycle!

Garden Hack: A Citrus Peel Starter Pot For Seedlings

This is also an amazing DIY starter pot idea, and it’s also biodegradable. As the citrus peel breaks down, it turns to fertilizer, which is super helpful with the plants!

Propagate Roses with Potatoes!

When I first read this post, I was a little unsure about it. But after reading all the steps, I was seriously convinced it work. I’m excited to try this in my own garden!

Keep The Pets Out

This idea looks a little crazy, but it really seems to work. I was impressed at the ingenuity and creativity behind this. It’s a great idea to keep pets and other animals out.

Tips for Moving Heavy Potted Plants

This is a brilliant idea if you have large pots and you don’t want them to weigh a ton so you can move them around. I don’t really suggest this for plants with deeper roots, but this would be perfect for flowers!

Homemade Weed Killer

I’m not a huge fan of using chemicals in my gardens, I prefer to work a little bit more organically. But this homemade weed killer comes in two varieties, one safe for gardens where you can plant it again, and a mixture to kill everything and keep the weeds from growing again. And it’s inexpensive too. It’ll save you some labor from pulling live weeds!

A Helpful Yet Simple DIY for Spring Gardeners!

I really love DIY’s that are up-cycling! This is a brilliant idea, especially if you have indoor plants, or you don’t want to spend a ton of money on a watering can.

DIY Compost Bucket

Composting is something I find extremely helpful, and it’s a really great way to recycle table scraps. This super cheap DIY compost bucket is a super affordable and easy way to compost. It even gives helpful tips on composting. You just have to keep in mind you can’t compost meat scraps, but veggie and paper scraps work great. You can even throw ground eggshells in when you go to use it, so you never waste anything.

Pinch Your Herbs

This is a trick I actually do in my own garden. This helpful site explains the tip and its benefits, and how it really works.

Growing Zucchini in Small Spaces

This is a seriously genius idea. What with the fact that zucchini leaves are ginormous, this keeps them from completely taking over, without losing leaves.

Gardening with Epsom Salt

This is something I do in my own garden also, and it always works super well for me. I was always curious how before this tip my tomatoes and peppers always came out super small. But now I know, just use some Epsom salt!

What Do You Do With Your Eggshells?

Eggshells are a great way to fertilize your garden. You can either grind them up and apply topically or when you plant seedlings, or you can just crush them into small bits and use them that way as well. This article explains how to grind them, but I find crushing them works just as well.


I love this idea if you’re in an area that only gets seasonal showers, like during spring and summer. It’s a great way to make sure you have pure water for your plants since a lot of the time the chlorine in tap water can be harsh on your plants.

Fertilize Your Plants

Making sure you fertilize your plants is super important. This link gives you all of the important information about fertilizers, and gives you a whole bunch of homemade fertilizers for your garden.

Food That Magically Regrows Itself from Kitchen Scraps

This is one of my favorite ways to grow plants. We have 5 new green onion plants that we harvest pretty often just from the left-over bases from the store. These are super cheap, and really work. I would be careful with the potatoes, and I highly suggest growing them in a 10 gallon bucket away from other plants, because they are vines and will take over.

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    Really useful tips! I think about it sometimes and finally I get answer for my question! Eggshell can help to grow plants. I also love the idea of using plastic fork a lot! It’s not harmful and still can protect the garden nicely!

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