20 Ideas For Valentines Day

Last updated on June 13th, 2019

These are 20 really cute Valentine’s Day ideas. Your loved one will enjoy any of these gifts you make for them from your heart. You will also be able to make some of these with your kids to give as Valentine’s for their school class.

Clothespin Message

This cute message is a simple way to show your loved one you care about them and love them. You can create this keepsake in less than an hour and it is perfect even for the very beginner of the DIYer’s.

Pop Rocks Valentine Gift

This sweet treat is anything but ordinary in the land of Valentine’s but it is very simple to make. This is an awesome idea for the kids to take to school for Valentine’s Day or just to give to a friend. Pop Rocks are a popular candy from back in the day.

Lots of Eyes

Taking a little time and patience, you can design this card with a bunch of googly eyes from your local craft store. Just glue eyes into the card and make a heart-shaped cutout in the front cover. It turns out cute and your loved one will enjoy the thoughtfulness of a custom creation.

Sweet Mice Craft

Hershey Kisses are known for Valentine’s Day due to the “kiss” part of the name but did you know you could create this cute Hershey’s kiss craft? All you need are two “kisses” and some construction paper. We know females don’t usually like mice but we are sure they will like this one.

12 Pre-Planned Date Nights for you and your Sweetheart

Who wouldn’t like to have a preplanned date? Now you can with these date night cards that you have made to preplan. Just take some card stock or construction paper, create your own dates with designs and put them on a key ring. Your loved one will enjoy the time put into the dates!

Valentine’s Day Craft Project: Paint Chip Bookmarks

If you’re loved one enjoys reading this is the perfect virtually free gift. Go to your local home improvement store and get pink paint chip samples. Take them home and design them how you would like and give them as an accent with a gift to your loved one.

Heart Hand Warmers Tutorial

Perfect for those with cold hands all the time, these hand warmers in the shape of a heart will make anyone’s heart melt. This will take a bit of a longer time to create as there is sewing that is needed and will only be for the intermediate crafters but they turn out great when done.

Valentine Candy Corn Mason Jar Gift

You can get a mason jar almost anywhere but did you think you could create a Valentine gift out of one? All you need is some string, cardboard or cardstock, candy corn and mason jar. Dump the candy corn in the jar and then create your own card.

Sharpie Mugs

Make some custom mugs for your Valentine this Valentine’s Day. Who doesn’t enjoy their coffee in their favorite mugs? We are sure this will be their favorite mugs from now on!

The power of Hershey’s Hugs and Kisses is strong

Another mason jar idea but with Hershey Kisses instead. What I like is you can design these however you want and personalize them. Pictures are basically for ideas and to get you started. Any beginner can make this and just add the Hershey Kisses to the jar for a fun gift.

Felt Heart Bookmark

This cute bookmark will warm the heart of that book lover. This may be an intermediate crafter craft but if you are up for the challenge try it and see how it turns out. Perfect for any book, your reader will be able to save their spot in the blink of an eye with this bookmark.

Cute sayings for Valentine’s Day

Make some or many sayings with this cute idea for your Valentine. Whatever you think of, write down and hand it to the loved one. We are sure they will enjoy how romantic you can be. Your imagination is your only limit here.

I’m Nuts About You – Heart Ornament

For the ones who like to work with tools or in the garage, this craft is for you. Some glue, some nuts for bolts and ribbon is all you need to make this nutty heart. A great way to get that DIY person a special Valentine gift.

Candy Kabobs!

Sweets are always a popular Valentine’s Day gift and this is a great option to make your candy different from the normal “box of chocolates”. Line them up on a skewer and wrap them to make candy kabobs! Enjoy all the varieties of candy in one gift!

Beer Flowers for Valentine’s Day

Did you know beer could be turned into a flower? I didn’t realize this either but it is a cute idea for your loved one who would enjoy a 6-pack for Valentine’s Day. Not hard to make and a simple way to dress up the beer and make it “lovey”.

Valentine’s Day Gift in a Jar!

A Valentine’s Day gift in a jar? Can it be so simple? The answer is yes, just use your imagination by designing a jar, mason jar, old jelly jar, any type of jar you can find. Add your favorite candy, and go with the flow of matching candy with the saying. Here they used Hot Tamales and the “you’re so hot”  saying.

Loveworm Bookmark

This cute little worm made out of hearts won’t gross out your loved one, but instead make them “aww”. The simple bookmark is easy to make and only takes a matter of an hour to create. Make one for your loved one that loves to read those books.

Valentine’s Day Sweetheart Gift in a Jar!

While the sweetheart hearts may be hard to find now of days due to the manufacturer shut down, they should be back starting 2020. This heart jar will make anyone happy because who doesn’t enjoy the sweetheart hearts? This was a childhood favorite of many!

Thumbprint Heart Bookmark

Make a thumbprint bookmark to show your appreciation toward your Valentine with your very own fingerprints. Any beginner can make this in 30 minutes and even the very beginner can learn how to personalize it any way you want.

Valentine’s Day Scratch Off Tickets

These may take a bit of time to make but the end result is sweet. Make your very own scratch-offs with your own words and paints. They will even cost less than the scratch offs you buy from the lottery and just as fun!

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