50th Birthday Gift Ideas

Last updated on June 13th, 2019

A person’s 50th birthday is sort of a big mile marker in a person’s life, and more often then not it gets treated with gags and laughs. Here’s a list of a few 50th birthday gift ideas that I think are pretty amazing. And while the big five O is the last year for gags, I didn’t leave them out. But don’t forget to make it special and full of love too, okay?

50th Birthday Survival Kit

I love this idea, and find it very quirky. Not only does it have a few gags, it’s also full of helpful ideas for getting old. It’s like a prep sheet.

Unique 50th Birthday Poster

I love this idea. Not only is it completely unique, it’s entirely customizable. I love that it compiles interesting facts about they day they were born. Such a fun idea.

50 sucks 50th Birthday Gift

Not everyone who is turning 50 thinks 50 sucks, but this is totally a great gag gift. You can customize what kind of “suckers” you give and everything. I might even do it for the next 50th birthday that comes up.

Definition of 50 Personalized Poster

This is by far my favorite idea so far. It’s customizable to the person and what they would define 50 as. I think it’s a super cute idea, and I love how it lets you list cute alternatives for 50. I love the “recycled teenager” part the most, and would totally keep that one for sure.

50 & Hot Jar–50th Birthday Gift Idea

This is the perfect play on words gift. It’s also both flattering and funny. A jar and some hot candies is the perfect idea for a little gift that’s inexpensive.

A Personalized Tribute Video

This is an absolutely amazing idea. It’s super great, especially if you want to show the person how wonderful they are and how much you appreciate them. This is the PERFECT birthday gift, and it’s such a lovely idea to share memories and appreciation with a friend or loved one on their birthday.

Old Timers Survival Kit

I think this is such a cute and funny idea. It’s full of stuff “old people” need. It’s a great gag gift, and it’s sure to inspire a good laugh from the birthday guy or gal.

Jar of Birthday Wishes

This is a really sweet and endearing gift idea. It’s full of wishes you wish for a friend or loved one for their birthday. You can either order preset cards, customize your own, or get blank ones to fill out yourself. They even include the pretty jar to deliver them in. This is a great gift full of love and warmth.

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    These are priceless, my favorite is 50 sucks! The 50 candy bar sayings is pretty original and fun as well. Thanks for sharing!

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