Back to school Already?

Last updated on June 13th, 2019

Back to school Already? That’s  what we’ve said every year. Now they are moving the start date forward  more & more. seems like soon we won’t have a summer vacation at all. It will be a spring vacation…

Teachers do not have an easy job and are always looking for inspiration to decorate their rooms or come up with storage ideas. We are here to help you out teachers! Whether you are an elementary school teach or high school, we could all use some ideas to dress up our rooms and make it look original.

Calendar with chalkboard paint, tags, & wooden letters

Use chalkboard paint and paint a wooden surface. After painting it, divide the space up to make a wall calendar with chalk. Use screw hooks and any wooden or paper tag style you wish to put dates on. Easily update the calendar with writing in different colored chalk. This will be a time consuming project but worth it at the end.

Chalkboard Journals

Get some journals and use chalkboard paint on the cover. Kids can decorate the covers any way they want too! It is easy for them to put their names on for the first day of class too! A simple and fun way to welcome the kids to their new classroom

Organizing Homework Supplies

This would be a good idea for in-class or homework use! It keeps all your supplies you will need in one place with a handle for easy transportation. All you need to do is purchase a plastic multi-pocket container and fill with supplies such as pencils, pens, markers, ruler, paper, and scissors.

Back To School Lunch Jokes {Free Printables}

Here are some friendly jokes for kids to share with their friends at lunch. No bullying here with these jokes. The jokes here are focused more on the younger school kids and others will have a laugh with the easy-to-remember jokes.

School Paperwork Storage

Store your child’s paperwork so it does not get lost. Choose whether you want to use binders, trays or files to keep your child’s paperwork organized. A simple craft that even the kids will enjoy doing. Teachers can create this system for their classrooms too!

Fabric Covered Books

Use some fabric to cover the books instead of book covers, paper bags or the other normal ideas found on the internet. Since there is a wide variety of fabric, there is a cool style for any child of any age. We all know you will have to cover a text book at some time in the children’s schooling.

Great Ideas — 25 Back to School Projects!!

Check out even more ideas with these 25 back to school ideas found here. From school supply crafts to organization this link has a bunch of simple and low-cost ideas. Some items may even be able to be made into gifts.

Back to School Lunchbox Ideas

There are numerous lunchbox options out there for children that take their own lunch to school but I bet you never thought of some of the ideas in this link. Check out some of the cool ideas here to help your child have a healthy and filling lunch for that long school day.

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