Fathers Day gift Ideas

Last updated on June 13th, 2019

Father’s Day is a great way to celebrate that special dad or grandfather in your life. There are many fun crafts to celebrate this holiday. Some crafts are even great for your kids to help you with.

Out of the 50 craft options here, we are pulling the top 5 crafts or DIY projects out and putting them on the top for easier finding. The top 5 are not the only good crafts to do so take a look at the list yourself for some inspiration. From gift wrap ideas, free printable’s & ways to take some great photos for your fathers day.

“Dad Rocks” Paperweight

Have the kids make a paperweight for dad with rocks they can pull right out of the yard. Kids will enjoy making a gift for dad for Father’s Day and this one is low-cost and easy. Prep the base with salt, water and flour then add the rocks and spell out what you want with your kids.

Beer & Bacon “Mancakes”

For less than an hour and half time from prep to completely finished, that hard working dad you know will love this beer & bacon mancake idea. This fun idea is a perfect breakfast or snack idea for that special guy on Father’s Day. Try it today and see what that man thinks of these mancakes!

Dress Shirt Cards

Make this folded dress shirt card with your kids to give to their special daddy or grandpa. Dads and grandpas will love getting a personalized greeting card from their child or grandchild. Add a tie to the front and let the kids decorate the inside however they would like too.

“DAD” Photo Shoot

Pick up a “D” and “A” at your local craft store to make this cute dad gift. After you paint the letters the color you want, then take your child in the back yard or dad’s favorite place and have a mini photo shoot with the letters. After you do this, print the photos out and add them to your favorite 3-way picture frame to present it to dad.

Framed Handprints

Frame your children’s hand prints after tracing them on craft or scrapbook paper in this simple to make Father’s Day gift idea. You can either do a multi-year tracing to give a layered look or just a single layer on a matted background. Either way, they are a great way to give a personalized gift to that special dad.

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