Garden Art

I just love getting new ideas for my yard. Don’t you? These are some wonderful garden art ideas to save. Don’t forget to, Pin the ones you may need now to use later. Comment below which ones you love the best.

I could make a bunch of these. This is my kind of garden art. Wink, wink…

make a water fountain

make a water fountain garden art

I’ve got to try this one.

More melted bead goodness! Starry Night

melted bead goodness! Starry Night

I wish I could paint like this…

painting a water scene including koi, lily pads, and a dragonfly on slate.

Art in the Garden

This would be great on my front porch.

Glass pebble fountain

Glass-pebble-fountain-no-water-required garden art

How To Make A Stone Birdhouse

How To Make A Stone Birdhouse

This is a great way to use up some of my extra beads.

Garden Bead Art

Garden Bead Art

If you click through on this one, you’ll see this dress actually being worn by a woman.

The Mobile Garden Dress

garden dress garden art

I’ve seen other things like this. they are crafted from trees as they grow over time. Very interesting garden art.

Garden Chair

graden_chair garden art


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