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Last updated on June 13th, 2019

I just love getting new ideas for my yard. Don’t you? These are some wonderful garden art ideas to save. Don’t forget to save the pins you want do do later. And make sure to comment below on which ideas you enjoyed.

I could make a bunch of these. This is my kind of garden art. 

This first project is one of my favorites. Those wine bottles you’ve saved for some project? Use them here! It’s a super easy to do project, and it looks SUPER cool!

Make a Water Fountain

I’ve got to try this one. This project is super cool, and you can do any design you want really. All you need is glass beads, a non-stick pan (I would line it with parchment just in case) and an oven. Super cool. And super creative too.

More melted bead goodness! Starry Night

I think this is a super cute garden art project. They painted a koi pond, but you could do anything really. I think a super cool idea would be a “fairy garden” stone. 

Painting a water scene including koi, lily pads, and a dragonfly on slate.

This is another AMAZING garden art idea. It’s essentially just a really cool terra cotta pot and glass beads. All you have to do is arrange them artfully to make it look like flowing water! This would be super cool in a rock bed or on a front porch for a beautiful accent.

How To Make A Stone Birdhouse

This is a great way to use up some extra beads you might have laying down. The link here is to an Etsy page, but you can DIY craft one of your own, if you wanted to do that. I think this is a super cool idea, and taking an original idea and modifying it to my own desires is something I love to do.

Garden Bead Art

I’ve seen other things like this. They are crafted from trees as they grow over time. Very interesting garden art. And what’s really amazing is how you can change it over time. It will take a lot of time, but if you think about the longevity of it, it would be super cool. And just starting out, you could totally do it for a fairy garden, how great is that idea?!

Garden Chair

If you did decide to create any of these cool art ideas, let me know how they turned out for you!

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  • Reply sheri vitez

    how do I get instuctions on how to make wine bottle fountain??

    • Reply Peggy

      Sheri, You need to click through the link above the photo 🙂

  • Reply Andrea Holst

    I just loved your ideas. They were so original and creative. I can’t wait to try a few. Thank you for publishing them for others to try.

  • Reply michelle

    I love the dancing beads but can’t figure out how to put the wires together. My husband and I are not in agreement. Can you help>

    • Reply Peggy

      There is a link to click through, but I don’t think there are instructions. This is just some inspiration I really like. Maybe I’ll figure it out sometime too 🙂

  • Reply annie

    How can iget the instructions for the pebble waterfall

    • Reply Peggy

      The link where I found this, is above the photo. they didn’t have instructions for it either. It’s just good for inspiration.

  • Reply monica

    Hi I am trying to find the directions how to make the glass pebble fountain you are showing but I can’t seem to get there by clicking on the pic.. Can you give me some basic directions on how to make them please. Thanks

    • Reply Peggy

      The link is above the pic. Thanks 🙂


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