50 Cute Crafty Snowman Projects for Christmas

Last updated on June 13th, 2019

Snowmen seem so friendly & lovable. So what better way to welcome in Winter than these great D.I.Y. Craft Snowman inspirations. Some of the links have instructions for the projects. Others are great for inspiration. Enjoy and make sure to comment below the article with your favorite project or if you used one of these projects.

Our Favorites

Here are our favorites from the full list of crafts below:

Snowmen Luminaries

Most of the project is essentially a mini spray-pained fishbowl with mesh for the hat. The eyes are painted-on and the nose is an orange-painted golf tee. This is a budget-friendly activity that the whole family would enjoy. This craft is also cute enough to give out as a party favor. You can personalize them by “blinging up the hat and having the little snowmen express themselves with different faces. The “winky face” in the photo is especially cute.

Sweater Snowman Bowl

This snowman bowl is the perfect home for holiday treats. This craft calls for a fish bowl and a sweater sleeve for the main part. Then, you can decorate using buttons for the eyes and mouth and felt for the nose. The raw edges of the sweater sleeve are hidden by the scarf. What a creative way to finish a project!

Chocolate Snowmen Spoons

You’ll need spoons, meltable white chocolate, and meltable dark chocolate. You will also need an orange taffy candy for the nose. Dip the spoon in the white chocolate, then decorate the hat, eyes, and mouth with the dark chocolate. The nose is a triangle piece of orange taffy. Let the chocolate harden and enjoy! I can imagine these on a dessert table along with the coffee and hot chocolate. What seasonal way to stir your coffee!

Snowman Wreath

An oversized wreath has never looked so good. This project is three wreathes cable-tied together. Complete this project with a hat, scarf, and twigs for arms- and you can’t get much simpler. We are all here for an inexpensive D.I.Y. craft that will make your home stand out. We consider this more of an adult craft, since the final snowman looks great on the door, and is very welcoming to visitors. Can you imagine pointing people to your house, saying you’re the house with the “large snowman wreath?” We’re already savoring the moment.

Snowman Tea Lights

These tea lights are as festive as they get. You can decorate them by putting a donut-shaped piece of white card stock on top of the light and decorating the face. After that, you can add the scarf. You can even opt to add glitter to make them shine. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can make a non-traditional snowman by changing the color of the eyes and mouth.

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