50 beautiful Christmas Wreath Ideas

Last updated on June 13th, 2019

Every store sells Christmas wreaths but then you have the chance of having the same wreath as your neighbor or friend. Craft shows are filled with wreaths too but some are just simply overpriced which leads us to designing and creating your own.

Out of the 50 wreath ideas below, we picked what we felt are the five most unique or easiest to create. Try some of these wreaths out today and customize your decorated house this year.

Some Favorites from the Full List Below

Snowman Wreath

Make a large snowman wreath for your front door or side of the house with three different sized wreaths. The sample shows just a hat and ribbon but to dress it up more you can add white spray snow to the wreath or add some white spray paint for a more permanent solution. You can also add some eyes and nose to it to personalize it more.

Advent Calendar Wreath

We have all heard of advent calendars where they give out small gifts or chocolate candies and some even give out small toys like Lego sets. Why not add a unique wreath to the advent calendar theme and make a wreath with small gifts inside. It doesn’t cost much and any crafter can make them.

Birdseed Wreath

The birds will love you for making this next wreath. You can create this wreath with your home oven and just some simple ingredients plus the birdseed. The longest part is baking it but other than that, it is simple to make and doesn’t take much time at all. Give the birds food all winter long with this wreath.

Pom Pom Wreath

This wreath is a bit more time consuming but is well worth it at the end. The look is amazing and you can decide if you want the wood backer or not as well. All you need is a Styrofoam wreath from a craft store and dye the pom poms you want unless you can find red ones. Glue them on the wreath and add a ribbon. Simple and pretty easy but if you want to add more, you can add the wood background as well.

Elegant Winter Wreath

Get a wire wreath and add some snowflake and lace material for this wreath. It does not matter which snowflakes you pick or what type of material you pick as long as you like both go with your design and just use this as a guide. The end look is very elegant.

The Full List

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  • Reply Laura Ingalls Gunn

    Oh there is such lovely craftiness featured here! Thank you so much for linking my humble little pom pom wreath.

    You are a gem!

    Have a lovely winter wonderland weekend!

  • Reply Sabrina

    I love all the wreath ideas! Thank you for featuring my clothespin wreath! 🙂

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