50 DIY Christmas Tree Craft Ideas Collection

Last updated on June 13th, 2019

Christmas trees, people associate these with the big 7 foot tall trees in most homes but there are so many more besides this.

Christmas trees come in many sizes from model railroading sizes all the way up to medium sized Christmas trees and every size in between. For some ideas on various size trees and ideas we have come up with this list of 50 Christmas tree DIY crafts.

Some are easy and some are for the intermediate or advanced crafter so take a look and see what you can create for this Christmas season.

Check out the full list of 50 here or enjoy some of our favorites below:

Winter Tree Forest

To create a winter forest on a low budget, we took some $1.00 store bottle brushes, painted them with glue and added some white glitter to them. The website states to glue to candlestick holders or cups but if you want these for a village, then some Styrofoam from the local craft store will do just as well for a ground-level tree.

Candy Trees

For this project you can any candy you desire to make candy trees on candlestick holders and Styrofoam cones. You then glue the candies onto the cones to make the tree and then glue the cone to the base of your glass or candlestick holder. You have the option of painting the base or leaving it clear and you have a finished product!

Waterless Snowglobes with Trees

Take various size jars for this idea and create your own waterless snowglobes. Obviously you put trees and snow inside but that’s not all you have to do. My favorite part is that you can customize these snowglobes anyway you want. Add people, animals or signs to create a small winter scene. Even the kids could make these for grandma.

Felt Trees

Create a non-breakable felt Christmas tree with some scrap felt you have laying around the house or buy some from the local craft store. While it is a bit time consuming to cut the strips up, you can make this felt tree pretty easily after the prep work is done. Just add wooden or plastic beads for décor and you can even add mini fairy lights for a nighttime glow.

Funnel Christmas Trees

If you see funnels for sale at a flea market or garage sale, pick them up and start creating this project. You can paint them or leave them as-is for an even more unique look but all you have to do is stack the funnels on a dowel and whichever base you wish to use and you have an instant tree. You can add decorations to it if you’d like, whatever you decide the tree will look great.

The Full List of 50

Fuzzy Yarn Tree
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