St. Patrick’s Day DIY Craft Ideas 100+

Last updated on June 13th, 2019

Here is a big list of 100 St. Patrick’s Day craft ideas here so we are sure you will find something easy and low-cost to make for yourself. We are going to pick what we feel are the top five craft ideas to list at the top of the page for easier viewing. There is definitely something for everyone in this list of 100 ideas.

Some Favorites from the Full List Below

Lucky Penny Art

Hot glue is your true friend here with this DIY craft. The cost will vary depending on the type of letters you pick but we do know it will cost you at least $3.00 in pennies. All you need to do is glue some pennies on the letter you have chosen and paint your letters the color you want. Sit on your window sill or shelf.

A simple and low cost idea for your front door that is not a wreath! Get a pool noodle and green yarn and cut the noodle like shown in the instructions. Then wrap the noodle with yarn for this cool looking lucky 4-leaf clover. Yes, it is a bit time consuming and could be tricky cutting the noodle but the end result is worth it!

Candy Pot of Gold

Make this candy pot of gold handout for friends, family or even your child’s classmates. These are simple to make with pipe cleaners, candy, hot glue and witches pot candy bowls. Now the candy bowls may be hard to find since they are a Halloween product but I am sure you can find them online.

Shamrock Button Art

A good way to use unused buttons is to make 3D button art. Well if you have a bunch of green buttons then you can make this crafty green button shamrock. Choose your background and if you want to make a three or four-leaf clover and get gluing with some hot glue.

St. Patrick’s Party Table

Make a whole St. Patrick’s Day themed party favor set for your meal. From napkin holders to glass décor, there is a little bit of everything in this DIY for the whole table. Check out the cool ideas such as the rainbow candy dish decorations.

The Full List

bouquet of shamrocks
Crochet Flower: Clover Leaf
Clover Leaf Lei
Glittery Shamrock Canvas
Clip Art and Templates for Saint Patrick’s Day
Shamrock Wreath
St. Patrick’s Day Wreath made of Scarves!
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