80+ Fun Easter Crafting, Food, & Awesome Easter Decorating Ideas

Last updated on June 20th, 2019

Easter is a fun holiday for everyone and the best part besides being with family are the egg hunts for the kids. There are many ways to decorate and make Easter even more fun with DIY crafts that involve the kids too. We have 80 crafts here for you to look over and see which ones interest you. They range from simple to intermediate and we are going to talk about what we feel are the top 5 crafts to make it easier for you to review.

Carrot Napkins

Perfect for family get-togethers, make these carrot napkins for your guests to enjoy. Have your napkin and plastic wear all ready to go on the table with this cute idea. One less thing you have to go back for in the kitchen.

Easter Egg Bunting

Line a bunch of eggs together and if the eggs don’t already drill holes in them, then drill some carefully. After the holes are drilled you just string fishing line or whichever string you want to use. There is an option to make the top Happy Easter scene or you can create your own design.

Easter Wreath

If you want a quick and easy Easter decoration, then this is what you can create. For this product we used Peeps and just glued them to a simple Styrofoam wreath. Let dry and add the ribbon of your choice and don’t forget to spray this with a clear coat to protect the food from going bad.

Cute Treats

Canning jars, chocolate bunny, M&M’s and Easter grass make this cute and simple Easter treat gift. If you want, you can use other jars and candy but this is what we decided to use and we have to admit, we love how it turned out. Try it yourself exactly like ours or add your own twist to the design.

Nest Cookies

Have you ever had cookies that looked like this?, I bet you haven’t. Use the eggs of your choice on regular sugar cookie dough. The nest green is coconut with green food coloring but you can also use some thin green icing and pour it in randomly for a similar effect. Everyone will love the outcome of these delicious cookies.

Hydrangea Covered Easter Egg
Glow-in-the-Dark Easter Egg Hunt
Fabric Easter basket
Bunny Bunting
Yarn Egg Wreath
Spring Baby Grass Wreath
Speckled Egg Wreath
Exquisite Designs With Wax & Dye
Felt Peeps Bunnies
Sweet Bouquets
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