40+ Fun Toilet Paper Roll Craft Projects

Last updated on June 13th, 2019

Who knew that a toilet paper roll could be used for so many crafts? Well here are 40 crafts we think you will enjoy creating. From wall art to wreaths, you can use your imagination and create a bunch of unique and low-cost crafts for your home.

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Toilet Paper Roll Wall Art

While this craft is a bit intricate and time consuming, the overall look is amazing and I don’t think anyone would know what it is until you tell them. All you basically need is used toilet paper rolls, paper cutters, scissors, paint and a grid to work off of.

Framed Toilet Paper Art

Make some framed wall art out of toilet paper rolls. Pick the pattern you want to do and decide if you want to paint it or not and trim to fit the frame. Simple and done in a matter of hours for just a few dollars.

Toilet Paper Frame

Decorate a picture frame with painted pieces of toilet paper rolls. All you have to do is paint pieces of toilet paper and then glue it on the frame. The example uses buttons as well but you can choose other items to decorate the frame with. Perfect for kids to help with as well!

Upcycled Art

Look at this upcycled wall art created by toilet paper rolls. Make any design you wish with this craft. Your imagination is your limit and so are your skills. Glue the pieces together and hang the toilet paper rolls right on the wall after painting.

Toilet Paper Roll Wreath

Create a wreath for your door or wall with what? That’s right; toilet paper rolls can make an intricate designed wreath. Take a look for yourself and see what you think. The project will take some time designing it but when it is finished, it will add a unique piece of art to any home.

The Full List

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