For The Love of Jars! Decorating with Jars Collection

Last updated on June 13th, 2019

Jars are probably one of the handiest and easy to acquire item, and I love them. They have so many uses, and are so easy to find. I tend to find myself collecting them for projects, and end up with way more than I use.

One of my favorite things, by far, to do with jars of any variety is to use them as decoration. This collection consists of some amazing DIY jar decorations. I think the best part about them is that you can use any variety of jar to do them, like Mason jars, Kerr jars, etc.

Lovely Painted Mason Jars

This is such an easy and beautiful DIY project that you could use for just about anything. All you need to do is paint the inside of the jar with a few coats of paint in a color of your choice, and you’re done. You could even add ribbon, strips of burlap, or twine around the tops of the jar for a little bit of a pop. You could fill them with flowers (faux or real), or use them to hold candles, small plants, writing utensils, paint brushes, or anything else you can think of. They are so pretty and so versatile.

Spray Painted Kerr Jars

These spray painted Kerr jars are so bright and cheerful, they would bring a bit of brightness to any room. This super quick and super easy DIY project is sure to bring a nice pop of color anywhere you wish to place them. And since they are painted on the outside, you can put fresh flowers in them for a bit of freshness and a bit of joy fresh flowers bring. They are super versatile, being that you can use any color of spray paint, and just a few light coats will bring these amazing jars some amazing color.

Hanging Mason Jars

These super pretty hanging mason jars are perfect for any outdoor occasion. These ones in particular are designed for weddings, but with the easy to follow steps, you could create them for just about anything. You could even swap out the flowers for some candles and have these line your patio or garden for some pretty glow lighting.

Mason Jar Branch Vases

This is another spectacular decorating DIY featuring Mason Jars. These would be perfect for outdoor events, to line your garden or walkways, or even set near a patio. This super easy and super budget friendly project is versatile in use and in decoration style. You can fill the vases with flowers, candles, or anything else you wish to fill them with. I would put them around my garden and place fresh cut flowers in them, personally.

DIY Mason Jar Chandelier

This breath-taking DIY is perfect for outdoor dining spaces or for a pretty lighting accent for outdoor seating. All it requires is a wire hanging basket, a few mason jars, and some tea candles. This is a super easy and super elegant project, perfect for any home. You could even put a light coat of spray paint on them for colored lighting.

Prim Wall Shelf with 5 Coat Hooks and Mason Jar Vase in Shabby Sea Foam

While this isn’t a DIY, it is still a super cute and fun way to decorate with jars. The small shelf is perfect for just about anywhere you have space, be it by your front door for keys, in your bedroom, or any room in the house. All you have to do is hang the shelf and fill the vase with flowers. Super easy, and super beautiful. And if you are a particularly crafty DIYer, like I expect many of you to be, you could probably craft one of these yourself!

Tell us your favorite way

Let us know what your favorite way to decorate jars is in the comments below? Did we miss any must link to ideas?

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  • Reply Daily Dose of Handmade

    All of these look amazing!!!! I need to try this!

  • Reply Jen @ Creating with the J's

    Jars are so versatile. Thanks for sharing! I'm your newest follower!

  • Reply melformosa

    Please could someone tell me what hardware that is holding the mason jar in the fourth photo from the top? Pasted from ) I want to hang mason jars and coffee cans and can't figure out what or where to buy! I know, sounds dumb, any help is appreciated!

  • Reply melformosa

    Please could someone tell me what hardware is being used in the fourth pic from the top? Pasted from I want to use for mason jars and coffee cans and (silly me) can't figure out where to buy or what to ask for! Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks.

    • Reply Amanda

      That looks like pipe fittings from the hardware store. They are called gator clamps or quick clamps or something like that. Check out your local hardware store in the pipe section!

  • Reply Janet

    It appears to be the metal ring I’ve seen used to tighten hoses under the hood of your car. Probably any auto parts dealer…maybe even Walmart.

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