13 Valentines Card Ideas

Last updated on June 13th, 2019

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Let’s face it; we want to be unique and romantic for our loved one on Valentine’s Day. What better way to show we really care about our loved one than to make a custom card. This will not only show you care about them but also show that taking the time to make something unique for them also makes it romantic.

A heart full of buttons

Make this custom 3D card with a pile of buttons. Use solid colors or mix it up with Valentine colors such as red, white, and pink. You can tie them on with thread or hot glue them on depending on your skillset with thread and knot tying.

Layered paper with felt and buttons or whatever you want to accent your card with will make this simple-to-make card. Your options are nearly limitless here so why not get your Valentine a special card for this special day.

Make a simple “I love you” card for that special someone. This simple slogan will melt the heart of your loved one. You can personalize it anyway you want with designs, and more options but the sample has a bunch of rolled up fabric.

Make a 3D paper heart card and accent it with other items such as string, ribbons and more. Keep it simple or complicate it with a bunch of decorative options. With an open palette you can choose what you want on your card.

A cute little card with a bunch of hand written love notes inside is the perfect card for your Valentine. This card is all up to you with what you want to add as far as notes to the inside or outside or both! Get that writing hand ready to create a special card.

This rolled paper card is semi complicated to make but hot glue is your friend to set the paper in place almost instantly. Try making this 3D card for your Valentine and add your own thoughts to really personalize the card.

Just A Note Card

Make a simple note card for that special someone on Valentine’s Day. Nothing says love like getting right to the point. Add buttons, string, ribbons, paper, etc. to the card. A cheap and easy card to make by anyone.

Hugs are just as important as kisses and you can show that by making this rolled paper card. Just roll paper and stick it between two pieces of paper of your choice. Cutting hearts out in the top layer will show your hard work of rolling the paper.

All You Need Is Love

This simple slogan will go a long way on a card. Just add whatever else you want to the card and save it for your Valentine or any other special event. Accent the card the way you want to and personalize it with pictures or anything else you may have.

Chickadee Card

This card is an intermediate craft and time consuming but it does look great when you are finished. You may think Chickadees are not Valentine related but the simple birds add elegance to this card. Try it for yourself and see what your loved one thinks when they receive it.

Button Card

This is another button card option that you can create for your Valentine for that special day. Think about what you want to add to the card to personalize it. This idea is also a great idea for the kids to make for a friend or relative.

Trifold Heart Card

This tri-fold card is easy to make with a pair of scissors and various types of paper. You can make the card any shape you want and make a perimeter of hearts around the card to give it extra flare. Just write in your personalized message for your Valentine.

Pop-Up Card

Make this 3D pop-up card for your loved one. They will be surprised when they open the card and a 3-dimensional heart pops up. You can even add other items like a banner to pop up as well. What can you create? Let your imagination go wild.

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