Upcycled Sweater Boots

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 I’ve got to try this!!! These are sooo cute.

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What do you get if you mix and old sweater, some cheap flat shoes, and lots of hot glue? Sweater boots, that’s what!

Step 1The supplies

The supplies


To make your boots, you’ll need a big bulky sweater with nice large sleeves, some cheap flat shoes, a hot glue gun, and some buttons, as well as a sewing machine and a needle and thread. I machine embroidered my boots as well, but it’s not necessary, just awesome 🙂

Step 2Fitting your boots

Fitting your boots


Snip off the sleeves where they meet the sweater, flip them inside out, and slide them up your leg, sweater cuff first. Slip on one of your flats, and then stretch the sleeve to form to your leg, while keeping the edges wrapped around the shoe. This will give it a nice boot shape, instead of a big slouchy triangle.

Pin the new stretched shape in place.

Step 3 Sewing your boot

Sewing your boot


Once you have the shape you want, snip off the excess outside of the pins (I found there was a lot of excess near the back of the foot and especially at the heel, don’t feel bad about snipping off quite a bit there). Carefully slide the sweater off your leg without disturbing the pins, and sew a seam down the side to secure your new boot shape.

Step 4Fitting your shoe

Fitting your shoe
Take your flat shoe, and slip the inside of the sole into the bottom of the sweater (the open side without the cuff), Line the back seam up with the heel.

Step 5Glue!

Take your hot glue gun and go to town! Run a line of glue just above the seam of the sole, and glue the edge of your sweater in place. I started at the back near the heel, making sure the seam was centered, and then worked my way around to the front.

Step 6Flip them right side out

Flip them right side out


Turn your boots right side out. This can be a bit challenging, but those cheap flat shoes are pretty bendable, which helps quite a bit. Test the fit to see if you like em’.

Step 7Making the cuff

Making the cuff


Take the rest of your big bulky sweater, and snip off about 10 inches off the bottom. We’re going to use the finished bottom edge as the bottom edge of our cuff. Snip it in half, and use the pieces to wrap around your leg. Measure how much you need, pin, and cut it to size. I cut some height off my sweater boot as well, to get it to the size I wanted.

Step 8Embroider



Totally optional, but awesome addition. I did this with one of my embroidery designs, on both pieces of the cuffs.

Step 9

Fold your cuff right side in, and sew a seam along the edge you trimmed. Turn your cuff right side out again.

Step 10Sewing on the cuff

Sewing on the cuff

With your cuff turned right side out, tuck it inside your sweater boot. If you have embroidery, make sure it’s facing the way you want it to once it’s turned right side out again. Pin the edges together, and sew a seam around the top. You might want to reinforce this seam a few times, since this will be the part of the boot that will be tugged on the most.

Flip your cuff right side out, and if you wish, sew on a button for some cute embellishment.

Step 11Your finished boots!

Your finished boots!

Ta da! Awesome sweater boots from a lame old sweater and some cheap flats. If you want a slightly more detailed tutorial or want to know how to machine embroider on knit, you can see the full thing here. I hope you enjoy your new boots!

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Upcycled Sweater Boots

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    This is seriously awesome. I want to make some with soft soles for some super warm winter house shoes.

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