50+ Collection Of DIY T-shirt Ideas


We have been very lucky to get so many hand-me-downs through the years. With no boys in our family that are smaller than my son. I usually donate after we are done with them. I have saved some of the favorite  t-shirts , with planes of making something with them someday.  After finding these ideas […]

50 + Denim Jeans Re-purpose/Recycle Crafty Inspirations.

50 + Denim Jeans Re-purpose/Recycle Crafty Inspirations

Here is another collection of my favorite things. 50+ ideas to do with those Old denim jeans.You know the ones that don’t fit anymore… We all love the comfort of denim, so give them a re-purpose. The Green MacGyver Eco-friendly Crafts  Blue Jean Notebook How to sew a curtain using old jeans Old Jeans Wall […]

50+ ideas to do with those jars- Mason, Kerr, Ball etc…

50+ ideas to do with those jars- Mason, Kerr, Ball etc...

Time for another collection of my favorite things. 50+ ideas to do with those jars   – Mason, Kerr, Ball etc… Crafty, decorating, Storage ideas etc… Mason Jar Chandelier Repurposed Organizers: Jars Homemade Button Storage Make a Canning Jar Soap Dispenser Pint Mason Jar Soap Dispenser Mason Jar Sewing Kit Mason Jar Lamp Kit Amber […]

70 + Pallet – Craft Projects – Collection

Pallet DIY craft ideas recycle

Crafty collection of over 70 Fun D.I.Y. Crafty Pallet projects. These are great for D.I.Y. Craft inspirations. Most of the links have instructions for the projects.  If you Plan on using them in the house, just be sure they are not treated with chemicals. You can even buy pallets. No more burning pallets when we […]

40 + Fun Toilet Paper Roll – Craft Projects – Collection

40 + Fun Toilet Paper Roll - Craft Projects - Collection

Toilet paper roll art The How-To Gal Does Turqoise TP Art Toilet Paper Art Wall Picture papírgurigákból toliet paper roll art … Faux Metal Wall Art The Art of the Toilet Paper Roll Toilet Paper Roll Art Paper Towel Roll Art Toilet Paper Roll & Paper Pumpkin Art to Toilet Paper Rolls > and back […]

For The Love of Jars! Decorating with Jars Collection

I love Mason Jars, Ball Jars, Kerr Jars and any others I can find. Here is a collection of jars used for decorating. Lovely Painted Mason Jars Pasted from <http://www.lizmarieblog.com/2011/05/lovely-painted-mason-jars/> Spray Painted Kerr Jars  Pasted from <http://www.joyshope.com/2011/04/ode-to-spray-paint.html> Great for weddings on a shepherds  hook Pasted from <http://www.stylemepretty.com/gallery/photo/170843> Mason Jar Branch Vases Pasted from <http://projectsforyournest.blogspot.com/2011/05/mason-jar-branch-vases.html> DIY […]

Garden Lanterns – How to hang mason jars with wire.


Doilies & Hearts Tied on Jars with Strings Tutorial DIY

Instructions here

Ring Holder Tutorial

Ring Holder Tutorial

And so the shirt became…20 ways to give a new life to your old T-shirts! With love

This is a story about old, sad T-shirts, laying around the house or in the wardrobe who wanted to be new, and useful again. I think I’m not the only person who has a bunch of old t-shirts, but you don’t have to throw it away just because you don’t use them! So get your […]

Plastic Spoon Flower

This looks fun to do with the kids or just make them. I don’t think I would ever wear them, But maybe put a couple of them in the garden pots for decoration. Found here

Paper Punch Heart Garland

I found this Here Recycle, reuse, and recycle! We adore all those projects that reuse materials to create other products with new uses and functions. It is for this garland, brought from grace and light, which proposes using paint colors samples (extracted from any catalog or already used to decide the color of a room), […]

Recycled Plastic Spoons Hanging Lamp

Here is another project found on a foreign sites. I couldn’t read anything, so I just saved the photo. Just looked interesting & cheap. I could see it done with different colors of  Plastic Spoons. My son might like it for a rainy day project.  

DIY: Lampshades with Clear – Throw Away Party Cups

I found this on Pinterest – The link to the blog is at the bottom of this post. enjoy I was on a training course a while ago. There were the traditional mineral water in party cups , or yes, everyone else took them for mugs but I immediately saw that it was actually small […]

Paper bag Floor

Source: lovelycraftyhome.com via Amber on Pinterest I like the paper bag floor idea. I may do this sometime. These are insperation ideas that I have found of other peoples projects.

The “Purse”onal is Political Birkin Inspired Bag

The world’s most expensive handbag is a Hermes Birkin that costs $200,000.00. Made from an old Ethan Allen catalog into 1″x1″ squares and glued  to a piece of newspaper painted black. Here’s a view of the back. Look at that expert stitching! Instructions found on: The “Purse”onal is Political Birkin Inspired Bag – Update! « […]

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