50th Birthday Gift Ideas


  These are some great ideas & inspiration for a 50th birthday gift. Some of these I couldn’t find the original link. If you find it please let me know so I can give proper credit. Thanks & enjoy! 50th Birthday Survival Kit 50 blows 50th birthday gift. 50 sucks 50th birthday gift 50 & […]

Summer Time is for The Kids


  Here are some great ideas for summer time with the kids. I try to get most of these round ups from my linky party’s. Thanks everyone for linking up your great ideas every week  to the  linky partys, on DIYCraftyProjects.com & GoodRecipesOnline.com. Check out all these great ideas. Click the link above the photo […]

Luau Party Ideas


  I’m hosting Bunco in a couple of months, so time to start planning. lets see if any of my Bunco lady’s actually read my posts…haha.  If so, they will get a sneak peak of my ideas for the Luau  party. I’ll try to get some of the Luau  party decorations done ahead of time […]

Paper Punch Heart Garland

I found this Here Recycle, reuse, and recycle! We adore all those projects that reuse materials to create other products with new uses and functions. It is for this garland, brought from grace and light, which proposes using paint colors samples (extracted from any catalog or already used to decide the color of a room), […]

Chalkboard Paper Mason Jars

For instructions go to A Beautiful Mess a fun little party idea… uses Chalkboard Paper & Jars .

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