50th Birthday Gift Ideas


These are some great ideas & inspiration for a 50th birthday gift. Some of these I couldn’t find the original link. If you find it please let me know so I can give proper credit. Thanks & enjoy!

50th Birthday Survival Kit

50th Birthday Survival Kit

50 blows 50th birthday gift.

50th birthday gift

50 sucks 50th birthday gift

50 sucks

50 & Hot Jar–50th Birthday Gift Idea

50 & Hot Jar–50th Birthday Gift Idea

50 different beers

50 beers each one different

Happy 50th birthday poster w/ candy’s

50th birthdy gift poster

50 Rocks

50th gift

fill a bucket or basket with things they’ll need when they get really old Smile

50th gift basket idea

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  1. These are priceless, my favorite is 50 sucks! The 50 candy bar sayings is pretty original and fun as well. Thanks for sharing!

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