Dollar Store – Solar Lamp $3.00 Total Cost


Dollar Store – Solar Lamp $3.00 Total Cost plus the glue I used.

I bought all these items at the local dollar store.


-floral rocks (flat on one side)

-Solar light

The jar has a glass see through top & also has a seal, so hopefully won’t leak. Not that it matters really.

The Solar lights are the small ones that come with a stake to put in the ground. Just twist the stake a little to remove it from the lamp part. I used E-600 glue to glue it to the top. Any glue that works on glass should work. You will need to wait about a day or so with it upside down, for the glue to cure enough.

I also suggest using the same type of glue for the glass beads. I did use a glue gun on mine, because it was so much faster & I didn’t want to wait for them to dry. But, one of the glass beads fell off in the heat outside.

Once all together set outside to soak up the sun & enjoy.

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