Organized linkup for all your recipes @

You need to check this out. Please visit for your recipe needs. You can linkup the ones on your site to. This should help save some time so we have more tome to craft & do family things… Below is the announcement just made.


Huge announcement. I’m so excited for this. Organized linkup for all your recipes @

It’s a great resource for everyone. I have been working hard to put this together. It’s taken longer than I had hoped, but it’s finally done.

I have organized recipes by type, on there own pages. This is where I can collect links to good ones I find. I have also allowed for you to add your recipes from your blog. For now the first ones will be on the top of the list, so get yours in now. I don’t know if I will ever change that or not.

This will also help drive traffic to both of our sites, by exchanging links.


1- Link back. As long as you have a link some where it will work. I would like for you to grab my button “I’ve been Featured on”, from my side bar on the right. You will need to do this first. You may need to scroll down a bit. You will need to put it somewhere on your blog or sit, where your recipe is located. I would like to see it in your post & sidebar, but it is your blog, so it’s your choice.

2- Then, you may link up as many recipes as you like. Just make sure & add to the correct category. That’s it!!! 🙂

3- Happy blogging 🙂

You will want to bookmark this site for when your looking for recipe ideas. & please share it with your friends. face book, & Pin it.

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    Please is there anyone out there that can tell me a recipe for Hot Loaf made it years ago but lost recipe, could u please help me out with this Thank YOU Annette


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