50+ Craft Projects Using Duck Tape or is it Duct Tape

Craft Project  Duck Tape or Duct Tape

My son has been making the duck tape roses, wallets etc… for a couple of years now. He has sold them at our local farmers market. That was a lot of fun. I was thinking he would like this round-up of projects… Duck Tape Can Be Fun. You can use Duck Tape for fun, durable […]

Organized linkup for all your recipes @ GoodRecipesOnline.com

You need to check this out. Please visit GoodRecipesOnline.com for your recipe needs. You can linkup the ones on your site to. This should help save some time so we have more tome to craft & do family things… Below is the announcement just made.   Huge announcement. I’m so excited for this. Organized linkup […]

Ultimate list of Lists with ideas for summer DIYCraftyProjects.com

what to do summer fun

This is the ultimate list of  Lists with ideas to do for your summer vacation, including crafts, road trip ideas & other lists.  If you like this, Please share it with your friends. I will be adding to it as I find other ideas.  Hope you are having a great summer…

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