D.I.Y. Mosaic Garden Balls Made with Styrofoam Center

I found these garden balls on Pinterest & fell in love with them. Mothers day was getting close so I made some different ones for that. I will post a photo of them later. These I decided to make for some good friends 50th wedding anniversary party. I helped with a lot of the decorations for the party. It was so much fun & I will post those other decorations later too. One thing at a time. :). I had some Styrofoam balls   that I had bought at the Dollar Store. If you find them there, get them. I can never find them when I need them. They can be kinda expensive at the craft stores. The original directions I found, she used E-6000 glue . So I tried that first. For me, it took to long to dry & when I turned the ball over(thought they were dry) they fell off. I figured I would just try my trusty  Hot Glue Gun  . It worked sooo much better.

Fist I glued the glass floral beads on to the ball. The flat beads are best. If you have others you may need to press them into the Styrofoam.

Next, I grouted the balls. I had never grouted anything before this, ever. .. I didn’t know what kind of grout to get. So, I got sanded & un-sanded. The Sanded grout is so much easier to work with for this kind of project. Buy it at Home Depot or another hardware store. Its much cheaper & they have tons of colors to chose from. Mix it up a little on the thick side. Rub the grout in with a damp sponge. As it dries you will need to wipe off the glass pieces with the sponge. Just rinse it in a bucket often.

The last step, I sealed them with a grout sealer.

Note: luckily I read the instructions on the grout before doing this. NEVER rinse it in the sink. It is a cement & no drain cleaner that I know of will get it out…

The grout makes them waterproof, so they will last just fine in the elements, and they are fairly lightweight since they have a foam core!

Please let me know if you like these, or even better make some of your own!

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