50+ Collection Of Gardening Ideas & Tips

I finally have another collection ready. Sorry it’s taken so long this time. I’ve been busy  making the big switch. Yep, I moved from blogger to WordPress. Can you see the difference? There are still a few changes I need to finish. Any thoughts & suggestions are welcomed here. I may not use them, but are still welcome.

So here you go… It’s Gardening time 🙂

A collection of gardening ideas & tips. From craft items to weed killers.

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3 thoughts on “50+ Collection Of Gardening Ideas & Tips

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    First off I absolutely love this group that you gathered all up together. Something else about your post intrigued me as well. you mention switching from blogger (which I use by default) to WordPress. Now that’s it’s been a few years you seem to have your own domain. How do you feel and what would you recommend.

    As far as my garden. Last year I let my cucumbers get too ripe this year I plan on trying to pick and pickle. I’m hoping with a raised garden bed and sunflowers near by that till be enough to have them off the ground !
    Katrina recently posted…Can Overripe Cucumbers be salvaged and Zucchinis up to our ears.My Profile

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      Hi Katrina 🙂
      Wordpress gives a lot more options than blogger does. There are some downfalls with switching. I lost a lot of traffic at first. It took awhile to build it back up. I don’t know if i would recommend switching. it really depends on what you want out of your blog.

      Have fun with your garden & pickling the cucumbers


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