DIY: Lampshades with Clear – Throw Away Party Cups

I found this on Pinterest – The link to the blog is at the bottom of this post. enjoy :)

I was on a training course a while ago. There were the traditional mineral water in party cups , or yes, everyone else took them for mugs but I immediately saw that it was actually small lampshades. In the true spirit of recycling and the risk of sounding a little crazy, I took care of most use bags, took them home and washed out of them. Today I did about all the small lamp shades using  fabric glue .

Plot of the cup by rolling it over a piece of paper and draw along the top and bottom.

Cut pieces of  fabric from the template. I had 16 cups and thus cut out 16 pieces of fabric  .

Glue the piece of cloth are around the cups. I used  decoupage . Cut / rock since a cross in the bottom of the cup  / lamp shades on a  light string .

Enjoy :)

Found Here:
Rebeccas DIY: DIY: Ljusslinga med lampskärmar

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  1. I can't wait to put these in my shop!!!

  2. wow. How creative….I can do the projects but I just can't come up with the idea…my hat is off to you….

  3. this is what my grandaughter is getting for her (one of) birthday presents. i think shell love it. just getting to age of liking to deco her room.

  4. That is sooooo COOOL ! Love it, can't wait to make it for the party lights ! thank you so much for sharing this brilliant idea! you are a genius :)

  5. Is it safe with the plastic and hot light?

  6. Really LOVE this and I know my daughter would too….but my concern is about the plastic and hot lights? How safe is it?

  7. Hi, Thanks for all the comments. It's done with the tiny Christmas still lights. They are cool to the touch, so should be fine with the plastic. Remember, they are designed to be next to dried trees in the house. :)

  8. Can't wait to try! Thank you!!!

  9. Use LED lights….they are cool and do not give off heat!!

  10. To the person that re-posted this from the original blogger – have you made these? I just bought all the stuff to do it, but I was wondering if you had a more detailed explanation of creating the template for the fabric – conceptually I get it, but it seems like it might be a little more awkward in execution.

    Also, I was planning to just drill holes into the bottoms of the cups to poke the lights through – I couldn't understand her explanation of how she did this, and the pictures aren't very clear – so if you know how she did it, or a better way, I would love to know.


  11. I am trying to make some. The hard plastic cups, drilling is a great idea. For the soft plastic, you can cut an X in the bottom, with a knife or something like that.

  12. adorable!!! My daughter would love this in her room!

  13. Stampin n da Hood on

    "Cut / rock since a cross in the bottom of the cup / lamp shades on a light string."
    I think this is the step to cut a cross in the bottom of the cup to feed the lights through!

  14. What type of fabric did you use?

  15. I'm sure you could use a number of different fabrics. The thinner the more light will show through. I just used a woven cotton for mine.

  16. Suggestion: If you don't have used cups to recycle, use recyclable cups for this. That way if one of the cups breaks, you can recycle it and make a new one!

  17. I adore this idea!!! It is so cute and would be adorable to add a little colour to any room<3

  18. Hii…If you look evry closely and carefully at the very last picute on the right you can see that she cuts an X all the way through the base of the cup…basically efactly the same concept as putting a straw through a lid of a cup from a fast food resturant. <3 hope this helps.

  19. I used craft/scrapbook paper instead of fabric…worked great!

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  21. starla jasper on

    I can’t wait to use this for Christmas decoration to go along my living room doorway. Thanks so much for the idea.

  22. Hi there and thanks for featuring my lanterns on string! I am happy to inspire!

    • Your welcome. I truly love them. & nice to finally know where they came from.

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  26. Oh my goodness! So many good ideas! I wish I had seen this when my kids were little!
    Thanks for sharing.

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