Plastic Spoon Flower

This looks fun to do with the kids or just make them. I don’t think I would ever wear them, But maybe put a couple of them in the garden pots for decoration. Found here

13 Valentines Card Ideas

 These Valentines cards are all so cute. I’ve included the links to where they were found. Some of them have instructions. The others can be used for inspiration.This one found here – American Crafts Studio Blog: Found here -A heart full of buttons {DIY project} Found Here – pine is here.: simple valentine sneak peek […]

DIY Gumdrop Roses

Looking for a sweet alternative to roses this Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or any flower giving occasion? These gumdrop roses are so easy to make, and a whole lot cheaper! View this Food Tutorial These Gumdrop   Roses are super easy to make and turn out very professional-looking. They would be wonderful as a party favor […]

Paper Punch Heart Garland

I found this Here Recycle, reuse, and recycle! We adore all those projects that reuse materials to create other products with new uses and functions. It is for this garland, brought from grace and light, which proposes using paint colors samples (extracted from any catalog or already used to decide the color of a room), […]

Chalkboard Paper Mason Jars

For instructions go to A Beautiful Mess a fun little party idea… uses Chalkboard Paper & Jars .

{valentine’s, freebie} I Need S’more Friends Like You!!

Please click through to get the free printable, Found on – {valentine’s, freebie} can you handle s’more Valentine printables?

DIY Houses by Night – Photo Candles

Instructions Found on fellowfellow – DIY Houses by Night A little town at night.. isn’t it sweet?! There are a few tricks to making this DIY a success, all to do with finding the perfect image. A great way to display our travel pictures. Wouldn’t this be an amazing way to display them? Plus: great […]

Felt Flowers

Looks like I need to buy felt in bulk. There are so many cute felt projects out there. In including these sweet flowers. I found these on This foreign site.  

7 Different Valentine’s Rice Krispie Treats Decorating ideas

  Found Here Found here Found here Make these bright, colorful heart shapes for your little Valentines. Use a little frosting to “sign” them with love. Found here – love this one xoxoxo How clever – you need to click through to see how easy this was Here is sure to be a Valentines Day […]

Homemade Sugar Cubes

I have these on my other blog, and thought they would be good here too. Cute idea found here. I added some other photos I found on the internet for ideas. Homemade Sugar Cubes Summary: How to make homemade sugar cubes Preparation time: 5 min Cooking time: 5 min (in total) Yield: 24 aprox, depending […]

Valentine’s Gift – I Dig You!

These are really cute. For the complete post & see it here. There are a couple of other cute ideas.

Recycled Plastic Spoons Hanging Lamp

Here is another project found on a foreign sites. I couldn’t read anything, so I just saved the photo. Just looked interesting & cheap. I could see it done with different colors of  Plastic Spoons. My son might like it for a rainy day project.  

Crepe Paper / Tissue Rosette Kissing Balls

 Here are some different ideas for Crepe Paper / Tissue Rosette Kissing Balls. Please click through the link provided for each one for the instructions provided by the original poster.   Found Here So fun! CHEAP and Easy!   Good morning! I found these Tissue Rosette Kissing Balls over @ The Idea Room. Spring Kissing Balls […]

Dollar Store Heart Garland

Found Here I grabbed some of these heart picks from the Dollar Tree, not knowing exactly what I’d do with them. After holding on to them for about a week, I decided to make a Valentine’s Day garland with them. It seriously took like 10 minutes! My kind of project! I just pulled the styrofoam […]

Photo Pendants ideas

I found this one on Ginger Snap Crafts Here. Check out there blog when you get a chance Katie’s photo pendants- Found Here  A different idea to use is fabric. These lace pendants are really beautiful. She has different instructions than the other ones. Lace for Your Jewelry: Resin Pendant Tutorial     Glass cabochon […]

Salt Dough Beads | Found on Tumblr

Salt dough – 2 cups flour, 1 cup salt, cold water. Mix until has consistency of play dough. bake at 250 for 2 hours, then cool and paint any color….good recipe for thumbprint pendants. Update info: DIY? I think so. Top: spray painted salt dough hearts just posted here, bottom: K’ien $99 Arc de Trio […]

Felt Heart Valentines Garland

I found this here on a foreign site. Can’t read the name. This time there was no instructions to interpret. Luckily the photos are good instructions. Looks super easy…

XOXO Valentine Project Tutorial

 I love this project I found while surfing the blogs. For the complete & original post scroll to the bottom of this post – Enjoy  This was fun, easy & cheap to do. I love that kind of project. I just wish I had someone to take better pictures, oh wait I do. He says […]

Email Subscription Button

Hello There, I just installed an email subscription button. It’s on the Left side of the page. You’ll need to scroll down to find it. Hope this helps those that don’t have a feed reader. I don’t have access to the emails, so you won’t be getting any other emails from me & I won’t […]

Glass-Jar Moroccan Lanterns

 I love these jars – I can see them all over my mantel, on my table, or what a great gift they would make For original blog post on these – Scroll to the bottom of this post. Materials old glass jars (spaghetti jars, jam jars or any plain glass jar will work) gold dimensional […]

Valentine’s Day Felt Heart Wreath Tutorial

For link to original & complete blog post, scroll to bottom of this post.Here’s what you need…You’ll need a 12” foam wreath, felt, glue, a bit of wide ribbon and LOTS of pins!I cut 2” circles out of felt with my Big Shot scrapbook paper cutting tool. It doesn’t work that well with felt, but […]

Photo Boards 3 5×7

 Try to Modge Podge or purchase from link below. Found Here:3 5×7 Photo Boards

DIY: Lampshades with Clear – Throw Away Party Cups

I found this on Pinterest – The link to the blog is at the bottom of this post. enjoy I was on a training course a while ago. There were the traditional mineral water in party cups , or yes, everyone else took them for mugs but I immediately saw that it was actually small […]

5 Valentines Wreath Insperations

Click through to the instructions for each wreath. The cost was about $4. Tutorial originally found here: McAdams Family: Valentines Wreath  This one found here. Paper Conversation Heart Wreath Found here   Heart Wreath 3D Craft Day-January

Spring Bouquets – Gone Viral

Here are some really nice ideas to add some flowers to your home for spring. I’ve been planning a spring brunch and looking around for flower ideas and came across these – aren’t they nice? I would love to have one of each. These are so great because you can buy the flowers and do […]

Summer Scarf – Gone Viral

  Summer Scarf – Gone Viral.  This is really cute & looks supper easy to do. 

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